Reselling Moms: Mompreneur Mother’s Day Spotlight

Moms are truly one-of-a-kind. From being wives and raising children to holding a full-time position and running their own reselling businesses, they somehow manage to do it all. To celebrate Mother’s Day, follow along the journeys of real reselling moms and read their advice for fellow mompreneurs.


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Regina is a full-time social worker, pianist, and successful BULQ mom. For more than 10 years, this impressive woman has run her own online business along with her own antique booth, which specializes in rare vintage items. Managing her career and business can be a lot, but she doesn’t do it alone. Her day-to-day requires hard work and commitment, but with the help of her 10-year-old daughter and inventory photographer, she makes it happen. For her, the most rewarding part of her reselling journey is the benefit of “having a passive income for family fun, vacations, and valued quality time with her daughter makes everything worth it.” If Regina can do it all, so can the other reselling moms out there!


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Reselling mom Miranda has been in business for 5 years, and she “loves everything about it.” Being a mompreneur provides Miranda with an additional source of income, more money to put in her kids’ college funds, and extra cash for much-needed family fun. Miranda’s son and daughter motivate her every day, though they both view reselling a little differently—her “mini-me” daughter has the reselling bug, while her son prefers to leave it up to the girls. Thanks to the flexibility of working from home, Miranda’s “little ones will learn so much from watching [her],” which is the highlight of her reselling journey. All mompreneurs trying to juggle family and work can take Miranda’s lead and make reselling a family affair!


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Reselling veteran Laura has been in the business for nearly two decades. From the moment she found out she was expecting her first child, she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. Launching her own reselling business gave her the flexibility she needed to dedicate time to her growing family while also earning a great income. Laura’s children have always been around her reselling business and now have their own entrepreneurial interests and ideas. By providing encouragement every day, Laura supports them as they grow and experiment with their creativity. With years of experience and mini business owners in her midst, Laura wants to “encourage all moms to never give up on their dreams and remember that all progress is something to celebrate, no matter how big or small. Never stop learning, and surround yourself with positive, like-minded people.” This is valuable advice for fellow mompreneurs to follow!


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Candice has been in business for 11 years, and the true inspiration behind her reselling business is her daughter, Haley. Haley is Candice’s co-host and business partner. From spending endless hours sourcing inventory to filming unboxings videos for their YouTube channel, “HaleysMom,” this mother-daughter duo does everything together. Naturally, after years of watching her mom source, list, and sell, Haley has grown to love sourcing BULQ boxes. That’s why Candice recommends “if your kids are old enough to get involved in your business, let them be involved. Delegating small tasks and paying them to help scan, organize, and even prep items for shipping can help give them something to commit to and become excited about as they are continuing to learn and grow.” With this outlook, Candice has watched her daughter blossom and we hope to see more dynamic duos like them in the future!


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Tara, a mompreneur with just two years of reselling experience, has already discovered the life-changing impacts of this business. Tara now has the flexibility she’s always desired to run a shop from home and be a full-time mom to her 4 remarkable children, who are the driving force behind her business. Tara’s children are her life, and having the opportunity to run her business while still supporting them has been the most gratifying part of her journey. Tara’s oldest has even caught onto reselling by helping her mom source and find those hidden gems. Throughout the growth and success of her reselling business, she’s learned a few things about work-life balance. Tara reminds us to “take time off each week, spend time with your family, and remember it’s okay to recharge our life battery so we can be prepared for all that life throws at us”—a great piece of advice for everyone.

These reselling moms remind us that success comes in many forms and looks different for everyone. But with the right motivation and maybe a few handy little helpers, you can become a successful mompreneur in no time!

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