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Seller growth is possible on eBay, Amazon, and other marketplaces like Poshmark and Mercari. At BULQ, we provide resources, guides, and cheat sheets with tips to help you reach your specific reselling business goals. Whether you want to scale up to cases, pallets, or truckloads, we’re here to help support your inventory and business needs.

Scroll through to find different ways that you can speed up your seller growth in the reselling world. If you can’t find the answer to your question, connect with other resellers in BULQ’s Facebook Community Group. And don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Care team.

Repairing Damaged Inventory – Cleaning Hacks 101

repairing damaged inventory

Do you have items to resell that need a little sprucing up? Our cleaning hacks will turn those not-so-new pieces into valuable items to list and sell. Watch our latest workshop video for tips on repairing damaged inventory. Cleaning Shoes To get shoes with rubber soles or white trim (like converse sneakers) looking new again, try using acetone or nail polish remover. This is an easy way to wipe away any dirt and shine them up. Don’t be afraid to […]

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