repairing damaged inventory

Repairing Damaged Inventory – Cleaning Hacks 101

Do you have items to resell that need a little sprucing up? Our cleaning hacks will turn those not-so-new pieces into valuable items to list and sell. Watch our latest workshop video for tips on repairing damaged inventory.

Cleaning Shoes

To get shoes with rubber soles or white trim (like converse sneakers) looking new again, try using acetone or nail polish remover. This is an easy way to wipe away any dirt and shine them up. Don’t be afraid to throw the shoes in your washing machine either. If the shoelaces are dirty, you can hand wash or throw them in the machine, too. Shoelaces are also inexpensive to replace but can make all the difference in making a shoe look brand new.

Cleaning Accessories

Fun fact: you can use upholstery cleaners for a purse or clutch that has seen better days. Clean the inside, let it sit, and then throw in a fabric sheet to add a fresh scent. It’ll be good as new!

Cleaning Fabric

We highly recommend investing in a lint brush. This is the simplest way to remove any dust, pet hair, or stray fuzz from your fabric items before you take listing photos. You can also thoroughly clean clothes, cushion covers, and any other fabrics in the washing machine. Just read the label for care instructions – you don’t want your items to shrink.

Voila! Your not-so-new items are ready to be listed. If you have cleaning tips to share around repairing damaged inventory, leave them in the comments below or join our Community Group on Facebook. We’d love to hear from you.


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