Customers love

Become A Reseller Customers Love!

If you want to become a reseller customers love you’ve come to the right place. Competition as a reseller is fierce, and it’s harder than ever to break through the noise, get a buyer’s attention and keep them coming back for more. Below are our top five tips to help you create a better customer […]

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Family Care

How Your Family Can Help Your Reselling Business

Do you need help unboxing and organizing inventory? How about a family activity for weekends and holiday breaks? Then you should consider making reselling a family affair! From children to parents to spouses, there’s a part of the process that everyone can help with. So if you’re ready to start a business, your family can […]

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Brand Building with happy young woman holding her glasses

How to Build a Brand Image

If you’ve thought about how to build a brand image, one that truly resonates with your audience, you’ve come to the right place. ​​Retailers and consumers have a very different relationship than a decade ago, especially with social media and e-commerce.  Communication no longer starts and ends at purchase. With a larger community getting involved […]

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Life balance concept with young woman using her laptop

4 Tips to Maintain a Proper Work-Life Balance

No one said being a small business owner was going to be easy, but finding a way to maintain proper work-life balance is important. Unfortunately, small business owners and entrepreneurs have a tremendous responsibility to their businesses and families. Therefore, it’s essential to achieve and maintain a proper work-life balance. We believe creating and maintaining […]

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