BULQ app icon on phone

4 Reasons to Use the BULQ Mobile App

Have you ever been sitting at a doctor’s office or waiting in line at the DMV thinking “I could be sourcing inventory right now?” With the BULQ mobile app, you can! Available for both iOS and Android devices, the FREE BULQ app allows resellers to take their businesses on the go. Users can enjoy all […]

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Heather with her full unit in the back of an army truck

Veterans Day Spotlight – Heather Hooks

When searching for “BULQ unboxing” on YouTube, it’s hard not to come across Heather Hooks. With years of eBay and Amazon experience under her belt, Heather knows a thing or two about reselling, and it shows. Her online business, Hooked On Pickin’, offers a wide variety of products, available via her own web store and […]

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Courtney at eCom table and eCom "Thank You" sign

ecomChicago 2019 – What We Learned

Unable to make it to this year’s ecomChicago reselling conference? Never fear! Courtney headed out to the Windy City for two days of talks with some of reselling’s biggest players. Read on to see what she learned for some of her favorite speakers. Start Small, Scale Big Ryan Grant – What I’ve Learned Scaling My […]

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The New and Improved BULQ Mobile App

Love the BULQ mobile app? You’re about to love it even more!  Based on our community’s feedback, we’ve rolled out a redesigned mobile app homepage to further improve your sourcing experience. These features are ONLY available on the latest version, so update or download your BULQ mobile app now, available for both iOS and Android […]

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Five Common Assumptions about Shipping on eBay

Five Myths about eBay Shipping

For newer sellers, shipping on eBay can seem a bit intimidating. So, we reached out to the experts on eBay’s shipping team to find out what’s troubling those who are new to the game. What did we find out? Five of the most common assumptions are easily rectified with a little more information. So, we’re […]

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Image of BULQ's Community Specialist

Meet Shalonda – BULQ’s Community Specialist

Hey BULQ HULQs- Shalonda here! My name might be familiar to some of you, but for those who don’t know me, I’m BULQ’s new Community Specialist! I recently transitioned from the Customer Care team, where I handled all phone calls, emails, and chats from BULQ customers.  You’re probably going to see and hear a lot […]

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