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What to Expect When Buying Return Pallets

If you typically source cases from liquidation and wholesale companies like BULQ, ask yourself: is it time to take my inventory to the next level? If so, consider sourcing return pallets. Pallets are considerably larger than cases and do require more preparation and research, so we mapped out what to expect when buying return pallets. […]

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2021 Holiday Reselling Prep: October To-Do List

October is the new November – at least when it comes to holiday shopping. Are you prepared to meet customer demand?  Download BULQ’s FREE October “Reselling Cheat Sheet” to ensure you’re fully prepared for a strong season of sales.  Keep an eye out for more monthly checklists to guide your reselling strategy through the end […]

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Why BULQ is Your One-Stop-Shop this Holiday

Are you looking for wholesale merchandise for your resale business but skeptical of traditional liquidation sites? Are you searching for quality return items that can compete with retail prices? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re in the right place. Read on as we share why BULQ is your one-stop shop […]

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Back To School Sourcing Guide | Your Best Sourcing Strategy For The New School Year!

We know what you’re thinking- “it’s only July, why should I be thinking about back-to-school sourcing already?”. To that, we say – it’s never too early to plan for the success of your reselling business! Similar to the traditional holiday shopping season, back-to-school (BTS) sourcing and selling should be planned far in advance. With nearly […]

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Starting Your Own Reselling Business? Get Inspired by Reseller Regina!

Have you considered starting your own reselling business, but the reselling bug hasn’t bitten you yet? Prepare to be inspired! Meet Regina – a part-time reseller, full-time licensed social worker, AND a mom. After reselling her own clothing on Poshmark, Regina decided to take the leap from selling items of her own to sourcing items […]

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