Reselling leads to money and success in business and life - symbolized by stairs and a Reselling sign pointing at golden money to show that Reselling helps becoming rich, 3d illustration.

5 Reselling Habits You Should Start Doing Today!

If you’re wondering what reselling habits you should start doing today, you’ve come to the right place. Meet Tiffany Tracey, aka Resell Queen. Through her online presence, she provides both big and small business owners with valuable insights on the world of reselling through her Youtube Channel | Resell Queen, Facebook | Tiffy T Resell […]

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reselling mom

Meet Reselling Mom | Taneisha Grace

Meet reselling mom, Taneisha. Like many resellers, she started selling items in her home after chatting with a friend already in the business! Taneisha started selling her old Beach Body DVDs and other classic items around the house,  and quickly realized that she could turn this hobby into a business. After taking a short hiatus […]

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finding inventory

5 Places to Source Inventory for Reselling

Guest post by: April Burke When it comes to reselling, brother and sister duo TJ and April of Pallet Jackin’ have it all figured out. We’re honored to have experienced reseller, April Burke, share her expertise and insights with us while highlighting the 5 places to source inventory for reselling. Finding the right inventory Sourcing […]

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