5 Reselling Habits You Should Start Doing Today!

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Meet the author: Tiffany Tracey

If you’re wondering what reselling habits you should start doing today, you’ve come to the right place. Meet Tiffany Tracey, aka Resell Queen. Through her online presence, she provides both big and small business owners with valuable insights on the world of reselling through her Youtube Channel | Resell Queen, Facebook | Tiffy T Resell Queen, Instagram | @resellqueen19320, and website www.resellqueen.com We’re excited to share her top 5 reselling habits all resellers should adopt for a successful business.

Reselling has recently become more popular than ever, with resellers, new and old, starting and scaling up their businesses. However, regardless of the reseller level you are at, it’s important to remember it takes a lot of work to grow a successful business, but you can succeed with patience, work, and commitment. So check out these habits you can begin implementing into your business model today!

Always have a good description.

The description of an item tells your buyer what they will be purchasing, along with additional details that

Reselling, reseller, reselling habits

may not be readily visible in the photo. This is the first habit you should get into when just starting your reselling business. Pay close attention to what you are writing about, and be sure to combine friendly keywords and phrases. Having SEO-friendly keywords will help buyers find your items over your competitors. Being thorough with your descriptions is vital and a part of the listing process you won’t regret. This is your opportunity to capture your buyer’s attention, build a form of trust, and ultimately help them decide to choose your item over someone else. In addition, describing your item lets the customer know what to expect when it arrives and helps decrease the number of returns and refunds you get.

A picture is worth 1000 words.

It’s just as important to have a good photo to accompany the description of the product you are selling. Be sure to always make the first picture the best – this is the first impression as most buyers will only look at the first

reselling, reselling habits

picture to decide if they want the item or not. Although it may seem easier to use a stock photo, it doesn’t show the quality of YOUR item and the actual item the customer will be receiving. Use a solid background, make sure you have great lighting, and capture your image, ensuring it’s clean and attractive. After all, the photos prove that your item exists and is as stunning as you described.

Sometimes, the color and size of items are hard to see in a photo when taking your picture. If that’s the case, I recommend using something like a crayon next to the items so the customer can see the color contrast or using everyday items to show the size of the product. Don’t shy away from showing the flaws of the product. Like in the description, you want the customer to have the full picture of what they are purchasing. Buyers want to see the merchandise before buying, so having the perfect photo is crucial to making the sale and is a reselling habit that should always be top of mind.

Research, research, research

Research is arguably the most essential habit when reselling, especially if you are just starting. Be sure to research what the item has previously sold for to help you determine the price. Also, know if it’s a hot ticket item to determine how long it will take to sell. This will help gauge what the interest is in your product and give you a sense of the product’s worth. Remember, you can never research too much!

Shipping matters

Shipping is a significant part of the reselling process. Be sure to always add tracking to your orders when they are shipped so the customer is up to date and knows when they can expect their order. I also recommend adding the shipping company and the type of shipping service in the item’s description, so the customer has

this information from the start. Next, be sure to weigh your items before listing them. This way, you know your shipping prices upfront, and there isn’t a guessing game when it comes time to ship the order. With the rise in shipping costs, you want to be prepared to price your items correctly while also calculating shipping deductions into your ROI.

Another part of shipping to consider is if you want to provide shipping discounts or free shipping. Customers like to get a bargain, and you can still make a profit with discounted or free shipping. If you do offer this, consider adding the shipping cost into the item’s price so it won’t affect your ROI (return on investment).

You are a business and should conduct yourself as such.

Lastly, make sure you treat reselling as a business, whether you’re doing this part-time or full-time. If you want to be a successful reseller, act professionally and provide superior customer service. Having positive feedback is important for your business regardless of what platform you are selling on, so keep that in mind! Since this is a business, follow all state and local laws for registering your business. This is important for tax purposes and can help ensure that your business is prepared during tax season.

With these 5 essential reselling habits, your business will be in a position for success, and the rest is up to you. No matter the platform you choose or the category you source, your business can be as prosperous as you make it!

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