Meet Part-Time Business Owner Jen Doyle

Meet part-time business owner Jen Doyle, who resells just for fun! After tuning in to A&E’s “Extreme Unboxing,” which featured a couple of BULQ buyers, she was hooked and felt inspired to start her own side hustle. Read on to learn about this part-time business owner and full-time Disney fanatic.

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Jen & Her Husband

How long have you been reselling?

I’m a part-time reseller, and I’ve been reselling for a couple of years now, just for fun. It’s always exciting to come across something new, and it’s kind of like a rush. My husband tried reselling customer returns full-time about ten years ago. Through that experience, I learned a lot of the pros and cons of the business. Back then, he had to hire a shipping service and arrange his own transport, and that was just too expensive, so it’s great to see how much the industry has evolved.

What inspired the Doyle family reselling comeback?

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“I have a gorgeous sunflower birdbath in my front yard I found in a BULQ pallet”

Last year, I stumbled across a show called “Extreme Unboxing” on TV, and my excitement over customer return pallets quickly reignited. BULQ was one of the companies mentioned on the show, and I checked them out. I was hooked. I loved how BULQ provided manifests and it was a one-stop-shop. I didn’t have to do anything to coordinate shipping. I paid one price and the pallet would show up to my front door in a residential neighborhood. I also loved that I could order one pallet at a time. I didn’t have a ton of money to invest, but after sourcing and much research, I learned I could double my $700 with my first pallet from BULQ.

Tell us a little about yourself and your business.

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Painting by Jen

I’ve been married to my wonderful husband for 15 years. No kids yet, but we haven’t given up hope. I have a full-time job and then several “side hustles” on top of that. My full-time job is a desk job where I analyze reports. I work part-time at FedEx, two mornings a week. I have my own website where I sell my artwork (I love to paint). Last year, I started a YouTube channel that is rapidly growing. So, I’m proud to say I have many streams of income and several small businesses.

Where did your passion for Disney come from?

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‘It’s nice to revisit that carefree child that’s still deep inside of all of us”

When you walk into the Magic Kingdom (or any other Disney Park), you’re transported. Every worry is left at the gate. It’s a place of imagination and fairytales. In this hectic life of stress, it’s nice to revisit that carefree child that’s still deep inside of all of us. Disney has a way of being artistically creative, and I sincerely appreciate that. When I started my YouTube channel, I was actively

looking for subscription boxes (of any kind) that aligned with things I was excited about, so I could unbox and review them on my channel. It’s safe to say that quickly turned into a collection of fantastic Disney items that bring joy to my office.

What advice do you have for people looking to build their brand, but they’re not sure where to start?

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4000 subscriber milestone

Take a deep breath and just start. You won’t be perfect and you’ll learn as you go. Be unapologetically yourself. Not everyone will like you (that was a bummer to face), but don’t be discouraged. Don’tcompare your success to someone else’s. Progress is progress. Consider this: what are you passionate about? And what value can you share with others? I highly recommend the book “YouTube Secrets” by Sean Cannell. Subscribe to his YouTube channel and learn all you can from him, too.

I struggled with choosing a “niche” when I started my channel. There are so many things I’m passionate about. But it’s risky if your channel is all over the place with too many topics. If somebody subscribed because of my BULQ pallet video, are they going to care about my Disney unboxing video?

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Jen featured in an article from her local town

My honest initial reasoning for starting my channel was to share my testimony — my story of abuse and addiction (and recovery) that later followed. The

rest has been just for fun and secondary to me, but many have come to my channel for one reason and THEN found my story. Get to know your subscribers. Reply to their comments. Converse with them. I’m astounded by the relationships built through my channel this past year.

Feeling inspired? Follow Jen for unboxings, reselling tips, reviews, and a whole lot of Disney fun!


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