Part Time Reseller Amber Nieznajko: BULQ Reseller Spotlight

Meet Amber: a part-time reseller, full-time teacher, and around-the-clock dog mom! Looking for an extra income source during the pandemic, Amber decided to leap into the world of reselling. With 10 years of retail experience under her belt, reselling seemed like the perfect fit, and she was right. Read about her journey and business growth over the past year—you may even pick up some tips to help you get started.

Part time reseller

Since starting your own part-time reselling business during the pandemic, what has been the most rewarding part of this new venture?

The most rewarding part of owning a part-time reselling business has been meeting many amazing people in the reselling community. Everyone has been so welcoming and helpful. I feel fortunate to have met such kind humans who want to help others be successful. I hope that I’m able to do the same for others!

What inspired you to resell as your extra source of income, apart from something else?

I’ve worked in retail for about 10 years. So, reselling was in my comfort zone, and I love the idea of giving items a second life. I reached out to my friend who had moved into reselling full-time, and she really helped me get started with great tips and tricks.

What is the most significant difference between selling on Poshmark vs. selling on Mercari, and what advice would you give to someone just starting who is interested in these two platforms?

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The most significant difference between the two platforms is really two things for me. The first is shipping. Poshmark offers flat rate shipping that makes things extremely easy. On the other hand, Mercari offers shipping based on the specific item, which can pass savings on to your customer and help build loyalty. It is a little tricky to figure it all out when you’re just getting started, but I promise it gets easier.

The second difference for me is the type of items that sell on each platform. Poshmark tends to sell more high-end clothing and vintage pieces. Mercari sells more fan-based items or other fun clothing items. My main advice for someone starting out on these two platforms would be to just get out there and give it a try! Resale works differently for every single person—there is no magical way to sell. Items that my store @missnscloset may specialize in and sell well may not work for the next person. You need to out find who you are as a reseller!

Clothing is an excellent category to source and does well on multiple marketplaces. What is your favorite part about sourcing clothing, and how do you resist the urge not to keep some of the items for yourself?

To be completely honest, I do keep some of the items for myself. It’s a bargain at wholesale prices, so I don’t feel too bad about it. The nice thing about BULQ is that various sizes are offered, and I only fit in a few. I also love reselling clothing because there is something for every customer. Customers will write back the most heartwarming notes that keep me motivated, and I’m glad that I can offer clothing at a reasonable price to help people express themselves. Plus, clothing is easy to store and ship.

Being a teacher, you educate your students every day. If there is one piece of advice you could give to someone looking for an extra income source but not sure where to start, what would it be?

Part-Time ResellerAs a teacher and reseller, my biggest piece of advice is the same: Do not be afraid to ask questions! I asked 1,000+ questions when I was getting started, and that’s OKAY! It’s a new world that people are jumping into, and it can be scary. Asking questions can help newbies break it all down and figure out exactly what they’re looking to do. People message me on Instagram all the time asking questions, and I always try to help them navigate any bumps in the road. The entire resale community is extremely helpful, and almost everyone will answer questions that come up. If anyone is getting started and doesn’t know who to ask, please send me a message! You can find me on Instagram (@missnscloset).

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