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April may be Earth Month, but recycling is in our roots year-round here at BULQ. And we’re proud to see our eco-friendly initiatives extend to our growing community of resellers. If you’re wondering how to recycle while reselling, we’ve got you covered!

Thanks to our Facebook Community Group members, these tips & tricks will help you deal with old, damaged, or incomplete inventory, recycled plastic, recycled materials—and even old BULQ boxes. Read on to see how easy it is to help the planet!

Hidden Treasures 

If you’ve ever sourced uninspected returns or salvage lots, you may have experienced incomplete or damaged inventory. But

Resellers Recycle, Donate

don’t throw anything out just yet! Here are some ways to turn discarded items into treasure:

If you don’t love it, list it!

eBay is a massive marketplace for refurbished inventory, such as power tools, not-so-new electronics, and spare parts. As long as you’re transparent about the condition of each item, it’s a potential sale. One community member said, “You’d be surprised how happy people are to purchase items that are less than perfect,” and we couldn’t agree more!

Local sales

If you prefer giving your not-so-new items a home faster than it would take to list, ship, and deliver, you can also consider selling at a garage sale or flea market. This allows potential buyers to look, feel, and touch the actual item before making a decision. Who knows, that stray part could be the exact piece someone’s been searching for but couldn’t find in local retail stores.


If you have no use for an item or can’t move that inventory out the door, consider donating. With many recycling programs in the United States, you have several options at your disposal. By choosing this recycling method, you’re preventing these items from ending up in landfills while also helping a family or someone in need who can find a use for those items. Here are a few places that accept donations:

By taking these recycling tips into consideration the next time you source from BULQ, you can give new life to items that otherwise might have been needlessly thrown away.

BULQ Box Recycle Resellers, BULQ Reseller

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Recycling BULQ Boxes

Moving on to what your favorite BULQ items arrive in: cardboard boxes. Many BULQ Community Members recycle, sell, or donate their boxes. Below are tips to help give a second life to your BULQ box or any other cardboard pieces you may have lying around:


Flatten your cardboard boxes or tear them into smaller pieces before dropping them in your recycling bin or at a recycling center. This is an easy win for the planet!

Keep your boxes clean 

Donate Recycle Reselling

Did you know that a food-stained box can no longer be recycled? Food products such as oil or grease can destroy a perfectly good recyclable box. Be sure to inspect before you attempt to recycle, and think about keeping clean and soiled boxes in separate areas.

Sell or donate 

Many people in your community may be moving or need boxes for storage, and you can be the one-stop-shop for it all! Consider placing a listing on Facebook Marketplace for your BULQ boxes. Whether you want to make a couple of bucks or get rid of them quickly at no charge, there is a market for them. You can also donate boxes to places such as Waste Management and Recycling Center Near Me.

Now that you’re in the know as a recycling pro, we hope to see more resellers putting these tips & tricks into action. Small changes can have a positive impact on our environment, and together we can implement these recycling operations to help build more circular businesses for a greener future. You can learn more about recycling efforts through the environmental protection agency.

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