A reseller unboxing, part of a business the family can do together

How Your Family Can Help Your Reselling Business

\Need help unboxing and organizing inventory? How about a family activity for weekends and holiday breaks?

Consider making reselling a family affair! From children to parents to spouses, there’s a part of the process that everyone can help with. If you’re ready to start a business your family can do together but aren’t sure where to start, here are a few easy ways to get them in on the reselling fun.  

Sourcing Inventory

Whether you’ve found your niche or are testing out different categories or conditions, try letting children or other family members source your next lot. Especially when given a budget, this is a great way to explain your business and involve them from the start. Who knows – you may even find some new top-selling items!

For encouragement, check out this BULQ unboxing from full-time reseller, Kerry Franciscovich, and her husband, Scott, with a box he picked out!

Unboxing and Organizing Inventory

Every unboxer could use a buddy! Once inventory arrives, ask a family member to take part in the fun of opening the box. This could include pulling items out, organizing by category, or checking the manifest to make sure everything’s there. As an added bonus, try filming the experience in an unboxing video and uploading it to YouTube (don’t forget to tag it with #BULQUnboxed)!

YouTuber Daddy Unboxing is great at getting his sons involved in the unboxing process, especially if a Toys & Games haul is involved!

Taking Pictures of Items

For photo-savvy family members, the role of product photographer is an easy way to help with the listing. All they need is a decent camera or smartphone, as well as good lighting and a relatively neutral background. For those new to reselling, it may be worth providing a “shot list” of different angles and pictures you want for each item, such as photos of tags, close-ups on product flaws, etc.

For more listing photography best practices, check out the first section of this blog post!

Garage Sale Hosting

Who says reselling is only online? Involve your family firsthand by hosting a garage sale in your driveway or front yard. Younger children can assist with set up and clean up, while older children and adults can greet customers and manage sales. You can even turn it into a competition to see who can earn the most!

Full-time reseller Anne Violette loves when her sons help with garage sales – they even run their own snack stand! Read more about how she and other “momprenuers” get their families involved with reselling here.


Reselling can be a fun activity for your family to spend time together while learning how to grow a business. Sellers – how do you get your family involved in your reselling gig? Let us know in the comments below!

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