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BULQ Reseller Spotlight: Jenny Messinis

Meet Jenny! A graphic designer turned full-time business owner, Jenny decided to take full control of how she spent her days. After bringing her crafts business, 9’s Wild Design, onto Etsy, she expanded her brand further by launching her own website and getting into the world of reselling. Today, she continues to resell online (wild9sartsnstuff) and in person, as well as manages a successful YouTube channel with her daughter, Zoe’s Rainbow Unicorn Family.

Read on to learn how Jenny transitioned from graphic designer to booming entrepreneur in our latest BULQ customer spotlight.

What inspired you to start a reselling business?

I am originally a graphic/web designer. I was tired of the whole 9-5 thing and being in a cubicle.  Before the birth of my daughter, I started freelancing websites.  After I gave birth, I realized I wasn’t going back to the 9-5 thing, so I expanded with making crafts on Etsy and reselling on eBay.  I wasn’t a stranger to eBay as I have always liked selling there for a long time.  I just expanded it to yard sales, thrift stores, and companies like BULQ.  Every time I hear that cha-ching, it feels good.

BULQ customer Jenny with her daughterAs a part-time seller, how do you work your reselling tasks into your everyday life?

I dedicate time every day to my reselling tasks.  Whether I’m taking pictures, listing, holding yard sales, etc.  I try to list every day on eBay and Mercari.

How does selling on Etsy differ from selling on other reselling marketplaces?

On Etsy, I sell my arts and crafts projects only.  I separate it from my reselling.

What’s your best piece of advice for newer resellers?

I think it’s all about just getting out there. The more experience you gain, the better you get at it. There is always something new to be learned. I have watched many YouTubers, and that helped me tremendously—YouTubers like  Pallet Jackin’, Taco Stacks, Hairy Tornado, Hooked on Pickin’, and more.  I do a lot of research before purchasing any wholesale stuff as well.  As far as thrifting, I like to mostly look for toys, video games, small appliances, electronics, and new old stock stuff.

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