BULQ Unboxed: Watching BULQ Reviews on YouTube

Did you know there are more than 650 BULQ unboxing videos on YouTube? If you’re considering buying from BULQ, watching a customer unboxing video is a great way to get a genuine, third-party opinion.

But, with hundreds of videos to choose from, it can be hard to know where to begin. That’s why we’ve pulled together just a few BULQ unboxing videos to get you started. Check them out below!

Unboxing Video of Uninspected Returns Toys & Baby Pallet by “Hooked On Pickin'”

Heather from Hooked on Pickin’ is a BULQ superstar. Since her first BULQ review in April 2017, Heather has unboxed dozens of BULQ cases and pallets.

In this review, Heather walks us through 117 toy and baby items, ranging from a baby scale all the way to a brand new, in-demand Hatchimal toy. Overall, Heather is happy with the quantity and quality of items in the pallet, and believes she can make a decent return!

Unboxing Video of Brand New Kitchen & Home Pallet by Lindey Glenn

Lindey Glenn is a popular reseller and YouTuber, with more than 59K subscribers. She sells on a variety of reselling platforms, primarily focusing on eBay, Amazon and Poshmark.

In this video, watch as Lindey unboxes a pallet full of brand new Kitchen & Home products, including a few big ticket items that might surprise you.

Unboxing Video of Uninspected Returns Home & Garden Case by Chad Bartlett

Chad has shared numerous entrepreneurial videos, guiding those who may be new or unfamiliar with the selling space. In this BULQ review, Chad walks us through his BULQ unboxing and ROI calculations. His calculations show that the Home & Garden case he scored for just $91 will result in a 201% ROI!

Unboxing Video of New General Merchandise Pallet by “Picasso Kat Treasures”

Kerry of Picasso Kat Treasures is another great reseller who balances her business with raising a family. She’s been reselling on eBay and Amazon for almost a decade, and knows a thing or two when it comes to sourcing inventory.

In this video, Kerry upsizes from cases and unboxes her very first BULQ pallet of Brand New General Merchandise. Watch as she reveals her haul of toys, accessories, clothing and more, and even provides tips for newer Amazon sellers.

Unboxing Video of Uninspected Returns Apparel and Accessories Case by “Flippin It Good”

Flippin It Good is a savvy reseller who is great at providing cost and ROI breakdowns for each of his purchases. Watch as he unboxes a case of women’s shoes and shares his confidence in his potential return. Spoiler alert – most of the shoes turn out to be brand new!

When researching any new inventory source, watching unboxing videos is a way to get an unbiased, first-hand look at what to expect. If you’re ready for more, check out our full BULQ Unboxing playlist on YouTube!

Do you have any other favorite video reviews? Comment below with ones you’ve found helpful!

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