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The Ultimate BULQ on eBay Tutorial

Interested in sourcing on BULQ’s eBay store? Want to try the first-of-its-kind relisting solution to automatically create pre-filled draft listings?

In case you missed it, BULQ has partnered exclusively with eBay to provide a revolutionary sourcing experience for eBay sellers. Through this partnership, sellers can seamlessly purchase and resell liquidation lots on eBay that include returned and excess merchandise from some of the largest and best-known brands in the industry. Once the lot is purchased, sellers then have access to a revolutionary solution that efficiently pulls product information from the lots’ manifest and creates individual listings to edit, review and publish directly to their eBay stores.

How BULQ on eBay works

SOURCE: pages.ebay.com/bulk-inventory-solution/

Check out this step-by-step BULQ on eBay tutorial to learn how to use BULQ’s eBay store and all of its features to maximize your sourcing experience.

Understanding the Basics

So, what exactly IS BULQ on eBay? In this video, Courtney explains the partnership, answers the most common FAQs, and provides quick start tips so you can start sourcing now!

Finding BULQ’s eBay Store

In this video, learn how to find BULQ’s eBay store on both desktop (ebay.com) and through the eBay mobile app.

Navigating BULQ’s eBay Store

At first glance, you may notice a few differences on BULQ’s eBay store than the BULQ site. In this video, Courtney walks through every part of our eBay store page, including how it differs from BULQ.com.

How to Make a Purchase

Ready to find the perfect BULQ lot? In this video, Courtney explains the details on each BULQ on eBay lot listing page and walks through how to make a purchase in real time.

How to Use the Relisting Solution

So, you’ve sourced a case, now it’s time for the fun part! Watch for a step-by-step tutorial on how to use the BULQ on eBay relisting solution from start to finish.

How to Contact Customer Care

Have a question? Want to submit a claim for your order? In this video, Courtney explains how to contact Customer Care for any pre or post purchase issues.

Ready to start sourcing? Visit our eBay store to check out our latest inventory OR learn more about the partnership by visiting our dedicated landing page on eBay.com.

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