3 Reasons to Source from Online Wholesalers

Are you looking to explore more efficient and cost-effective sourcing options for your reselling business?

You’re probably already familiar with saving at bulk stores like BJ’s and Costco as a consumer. So, why not bring that strategy to your reselling business? Sourcing at the wholesale level can be a great way to expand operations, increase your inventory options, and save time and money.

Here’s how sourcing wholesale goods online can benefit your business.

1. Save Time and Money

When buying wholesale inventory online, you can find significantly greater discounts than those at retailers. On BULQ.com, these deals exist in part because we don’t have retail overhead; we partner directly with top retailers to provide their liquidated inventory at discounted prices.

Buying in bulk also enables you to be more efficient and cost-effective. Wholesale inventory allows you to source, receive, sort, test, photograph and list many products at once, freeing up time to put back into your business.

Lastly, sourcing online means finding great inventory anytime, anywhere. No more visiting thrift shops or sorting through clearance bins! With new inventory added three times daily, BULQ makes its easy to find and source products that meets your needs, both on desktop and through the BULQ app (for iOS and Android).

2. More Data to Help Make Smart Sourcing Decisions

When sourcing from online wholesalers, many provide additional product information to help you make an informed purchase.

On BULQ, every case and pallet includes a manifest with item UPCs, product titles, quantities, price per item, and other important information. These details can help you determine if the inventory is a good investment. For example, you can search product UPCs on Amazon or eBay to see what similar items have sold for in the past and calculate potential profits.

There are also many online tools and reselling mobile apps that can help you research potential purchases. Here are just a few to get you started:

  • Daily Source Tools: a tool designed to identify fast turnover, high profit items to sell on Amazon.
  • Oaxray: a plugin that aims to provide up-to-date product sales information to help you determine profitability.

Check out more seller tools to help you run your business.

3. Greater Breadth and Depth of Inventory Options

When sourcing from online wholesalers, you gain access to an almost endless variety and quantity of items to choose from.

There are typically two ways to buy items in bulk: buying large quantities of the same product OR buying a large amount of different products in the same category.

Both methods have their advantages. Buying a large quantity of the same items can enable you to quickly list products, giving you more available items to sell with less work.  allow you to develop economies of scale, giving you the ability to list more volume with less work. On the other hand, sourcing a variety of products can help you reach a wider customer base and rely on the sales of many different kinds of products instead of just a few.


Ready to get start buying in bulk? BULQ is the place to do it! With our manifest accuracy guarantee, full-service shipping and dedicated Customer Care Team, we’re ready to meet all your sourcing needs. Check out our newly listed lots now!

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