How to Take Great Product Photos

Want to take GREAT product photos for selling on eBay, Amazon and other reselling platforms? In this video series, we’ll walk you through how to take product photos that stand out from the competition.

Picking the Right Backdrop

A good product photo starts with a good backdrop. In this video, Courtney shares how to find a neutral background for products of all sizes.

Creating a Professional Display

A professional display is key to taking photos that will catch a potential buyers’ attention. In this video, Courtney shares how using simple items, like a mannequin or accessories, can enhance your product’s appeal and attract potential customers.

Capturing Product Details and Flaws

The more the customer knows about an item, the better. In this video, Courtney shares how to properly photograph all of your products’ details and flaws to help buyers feel confident in their purchase and in you as a seller.

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