How to sort through your pallet

5 Steps to Save Time When Sorting Wholesale Lots

New to sourcing pallets or cases of liquidation goods? Buying wholesale lots can be very cost-effective, but when your order contains possibly hundreds of individual items, efficiency is critical. While buying and processing in wholesale quantities can feel intimidating if you’re just getting started, we have some tips to help you stop wasting time. (After all: time is money!)

Here are five essential steps to sort and process your wholesale pallet or case effectively.

1. Clear Your Space

Before receiving your pallet or case, make sure that you’ve properly prepared a space to process, sort, and store the products. Keep in mind that BULQ pallets measure approximately 48”x40”x42”. BULQ cases measure 24″x20″x23″.

BULQ’s pallet delivery includes lift-gate service for easy residential delivery. Cases arrive at your front door via ground shipping. However, you’ll still want to have adequate space cleared to process the inventory close to where you’re unpacking it.

Open, unobstructed spaces are ideal (e.g. a garage) as they provide you with the most flexibility in unpacking and sorting various sized units.

2. Make the Most of Your Manifest

Once your pallet or case has arrived, immediately reference the manifest so you can check it against the contents of the gaylord or case box as you’re processing. Since you researched the manifest before making your purchase, you already know what to expect.

BULQ offers an unprecedented 98% manifest accuracy guarantee. If you find discrepancies in quantity and condition of your items compared to your manifest, reach out to us within 7 days of receiving your purchased items and we’ll gladly assist you with a claim.

3. Divide and Conquer

Physically sort the individual items based on product type, appearance, intended selling platform or marketplace, or whichever organizational structure will allow you to best understand and keep track of what you have.

4. Fix Easy Cosmetic Issues

After sorting your wholesale goods, spend 3 to 5 minutes making small enhancements to those less-than-perfect units to improve their appearance.

Focus on ways to improve the appearance of your products prior to listing. Doing so will save you time down the road. Simple steps like re-taping boxes as needed and removing previous seller stickers are easy fixes that can lead to better product photos and increased customer satisfaction.

5. Begin Listing

After fixing all of those easy cosmetic issues, you’re ready to start listing your items!

Now is the time to refer back to your manifest and supplement the provided information with other listing content. Look for tools and resources designed to help you list.

What’s Next?

Whether you’re brand new to the reselling space or have a few pallets under your belt, these steps will help you maximize your time and efficiency when sorting through your inventory. Once you’ve mastered the art of pallet-sorting, continue exploring the reselling space and consider the direction you want to drive your business. Once you are up and running, be sure to monitor your progress and track the ongoing health of your business.

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