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BULQ Reseller Spotlight: Donna Kemp

When it comes to embracing the hustle, BULQ buyer Donna is a force to be reckoned with. As a full-time mom, wife, homeschool teacher, and reseller, she’s a truly unstoppable force. When Donna decided to leap into reselling, she kicked off her business by selling and flipping locally in her state of Michigan. After much work and perseverance, this side-hustle to fund a Disney vacation quickly became a new business venture for her and her family. Family getting inventory shipped

This past January, Donna discovered Poshmark and Mecari as a means to start selling online during the winter months.  These game-changing marketplaces let her get her inventory in front of new eyes, turning her local hustle into a full-fledged online business. Today, Donna has expanded her online sales to include Facebook Marketplace and eBay, but you can still find most of her items in her Poshmark Closet donnakemp21. You can also stay up to date on her journey through her Instagram page, mels_trading_times.

We caught up with Donna to learn more about her reselling journey. See what she had to say in our latest BULQ Reseller Spotlight.

What does a typical reselling workday look like for you?

A typical day for me is: I wake up and start checking emails, notifications, offers from buyers, new orders, and go over Thrift store shoppingnumbers with my husband (he tracks all the finances). Then, I jump into homeschooling my daughter, and, in between, I package up any orders that came in overnight and in the morning. In the afternoon, we make a USPS or UPS drop-off, and I either source or list items during the day when I have time. At night when my kids are asleep, I list or relist items and package up orders.

What is your favorite part of being a reseller? 

Sourcing! I love shopping, so sourcing allows me to always shop, but with a profitable end goal!! I love the feedback I get from my buyers when they receive something they’ve been looking for. It’s heartwarming.

What is one reselling goal you’re looking forward to achieving?

I want this business to grow to the point where it becomes a substantial part of our income, therefore creating more financial freedom for my family.

What’s your best piece of advice for newer resellers?

Start off with your own stuff and grow from there! You don’t need to show up at a thrift store on day 1 to start this business. You just need your phone and stuff from your own house to list for sale.

If you’re a BULQ buyer, and would you like to be featured in a future BULQ Reseller Spotlight? Let us know here!

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