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3 Ways Online Resellers Can Use Social Media

If you’re reading this, chances are good you’ve heard of, and likely use, social media. You’re not alone- 84% of people with access to the internet use one or more social media channels. On a personal level, platforms like Facebook and Instagram are a great way to connect with friends, keep up with current events, and maybe even watch a cat video or two. However, social media can also be a powerful tool for your online reselling business.

Whether you’re an established reseller or new to the game, having a social media presence can directly impact your bottom line. Especially in e-commerce, buyers are seeking out brands that boast a great customer experience, even before making a purchase. Social media provides an opportunity for you to make a genuine connection with this audience, which can be converted into loyal customers. In fact, 57.5% of Americans report being more likely to buy from a brand that they follow online.

So, ready to put social media to work for your business? Here are three easy ways online resellers can use social media.

Establish Your Store’s Credibility

Building trust with customers can be challenging, especially if you’re new or relatively unknown in the marketplace. Establishing a social media presence removes this anonymity by putting a face to your name.

To start, be sure all the language, photos, and other design match the rest of your small business brand. Name your page the same (or as similar as you can get) as your business’s name. For your avatar (profile picture) and cover photo, try resizing your logo and sharing a nice display of some of your products. Be sure to thoroughly fill out your “About” or “Bio” sections to include links to your store. Your social media presence is an extension of your business- don’t make customers work hard to figure out who you are and what you offer.

Accruing followers is also important for establishing credibility. First and foremost, develop a calendar of content to ensure you post consistent, high quality content on your pages.  Once you have a couple of good posts, begin following and sharing content from other like-minded, reputable resellers to boost your visibility. You can also try posting on reselling forums and Facebook Groups, such as Product Sourcing 101 and the BULQ Community Group. Just keep in mind many of these groups don’t allow you to directly promote your business, so you’ll likely need to post from your personal profile.

Advertise What You Have to Offer

Don’t wait for buyers to find your products through Amazon or eBay searches. Social media is a great way to alert current and prospective buyers of what you have to offer. This can include posting photos of newly available inventory, promoting sales, or sharing your most popular products. To sweeten the deal, you could even consider sharing promo codes or deals exclusively to your social followers.

To ensure your customers see these alerts, encourage them to follow you on social media to stay up to date on your latest inventory and promotions. If you have a buyer list, send out an email letting them know your business is on certain social channels. You can also add a “Follow Us on Social” section to future emails and store pages so customers know where to find you.

Connect with Current and Prospective Customers

Unlike massive retail giants, resellers have the advantage of working with smaller, more dedicated audiences. This means you can devote more time to developing relationships to make your buyers feel valued.

Social media provides an opportunity for customers to ask questions, share feedback, and get to know you as a seller. Try to respond to buyer comments as promptly as possible while personalizing your answers. If a customer remarks how much they enjoyed a certain product, thank them and tailor your response to their purchase.

Keep in mind, customers may also turn to social media to vent frustrations or dissatisfaction with their experience. While negative feedback can be frustrating—especially if you weren’t responsible for the issue— respond promptly and thoughtfully. For example, if a customer receives a damaged package, apologize and let them know how you plan to address it. A courteous response will both mitigate the concerns of the buyer and show customers that you’re a reputable business owner.


For resellers, social media is one of the best marketing tools out there. You can establish your credibility, advertise merchandise, and create genuine connections with customers. Though it takes some dedication, having a presence on these pages is invaluable for running a successful online business.

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