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Seasonal Reselling Tips: How to Sell Out-of-Season Inventory

Seasons come and go – just like hot ticket items! If you’re not sure what to do with out-of-season inventory, we’re here to help you meet your seasonal demands! With these tips, you will learn how to sell your out-of-season inventory, and stay up to date with summer trends to keep items moving and drive sales no matter the time of year.

Offer a Discount

If you’re swamped in Easter decor and summer is around the corner, offer a discount or seasonal sale to get these holiday items off your shelves. Shoppers love a good sale and marked-down items can instantly become more desirable to your customers, meeting their demands while allowing you to see a sales spike.

Another option especially with sorting and sourcing liquidation is to bundle your seasonal products. By putting similar items together in a single listing, shoppers are more inclined to add to cart because they get more for less providing you with an opportunity to get rid of excess inventory. Discounts are a simple way to move out-of-season goods, plus your customer can enjoy savings and stay tuned for future deals!

Save the Inventory for Next Year

Before you think about donating or throwing out unsold seasonal items, remember that these goods are like boomerangs – they can come back next year! When you save inventory and relist the following year, each item becomes a new listing that shoppers might buy the second (or even third) time around.

We also recommend revamping your listing to ensure that the description, price, and photos are updated. Don’t forget to take market price, photo quality, and keywords into consideration when you’re listing these items again next year, especially during the holiday season.

Keep on Selling

Don’t be afraid to sell seasonal stocked items all-year-round! Take it from us, you never know who might need a Christmas sweater in July, so being prepared can positively impact your cash flow. Also,

if you keep this type of inventory listed, you can be the go-to source for the “planner” customer. These are people who are constantly thinking ahead and preparing for the next season now! So, if it works for your business, keep selling those out-of-season items.

We hope these selling strategies will help you decide what to do with inventory you still have on hand when a new season is about to begin!

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