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Fixer-Uppers: How to Repair Items for Resale

No matter where resellers source their inventory, there’s always a risk of receiving damaged or less-than-new products. Sometimes, you may not be sure of the inventory’s condition, which makes for a riskier investment. Other times, the products could be impacted by poor handling or improper shipment.

However, non-new or damaged items don’t have to mean a total loss! Check out these tips on how to repair items for resale so you can bring these products (and your profits) back to life.

Remove Price Stickers

When sourcing with BULQ or other inventory providers, you may find multiple price stickers, clearance stickers, or labels on the product or its packaging. While peeling these stickers off can be frustrating and time-consuming, when done right, removing them properly can leave your item looking good as new. Here are a few tried and true ways to do it:

Blow Dryer Method

Scotty Peeler

Goo Gone

DIY Household Products

*Note: Deciding which method would work best will depend on the product itself. Be gentle, remain patient, and take your time!

Make Specialized Repairs

Some resellers make their living not only reselling goods but also fixing and repairing items. However, for resellers who aren’t so handy, there are still a few easy, straightforward tricks to help repair items for resale:

On Clothing

On Shoes

Broken Zipper

DVDs/Video Games

Books: Repairing Pages

*Note: Some of these methods require tools that can be dangerous, such as forks, pliers, and even fire. Be sure to take safety precautions before using the above methods!

Repair Boxes and Packaging

Many items come in packaging that helps keep pieces together and protect the product. To most customers, a box in bad condition gives the impression of low quality or potential item damage. Try these quick-fix box makeovers to keep your items safe and secure while also upping their curb appeal.

Fixing Box Corners

Are these repairs worth it?

As a reseller, you understand the importance of cost when running an efficient business. Before you invest the time in making repairs, ask yourself – how much will the repair cost? How much time will the repair take? Do the marketplaces you sell on to allow “like new” or “refurbished” items? If you don’t like the answers to any of these questions, it may be worth cutting your losses or considering newer condition inventory.

Fortunately, small DIY hacks such as the ones above have little to no impact on your bottom line. Simple repairs can be essential to helping you break even, while also increasing selling potential and customer satisfaction.

In the world of reselling, there are always risks involved. But, with just a few simple hacks, you can repair items for resale, keep cash in your pocket, and, most of all, make those profits!

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