Icons representing BULQ's five conditions - new, like new, uninspected returns, scratch & dent, and salvage

Understanding BULQ’s Lot Conditions

When you source with BULQ, we want you to know exactly what you’re getting before you buy. That’s why we aim to clearly explain all of BULQ’s lot conditions.

Read on for full definitions of all of BULQ’s lot conditions, and click the links below to start sourcing that type of inventory.


New items can include overstock, excess, closeout merchandise and shelf pulls. These items have never been used and are fully functional. They come in original retail packaging, which may show signs of wear and/or contain stickers, such as price tags or markdowns.

Source New lots

Like New

Like New items are fully functional, and show signs of light use. Many items come in original packaging, though some may arrive in a bag and/or brown box. They generally contain all major accessories, though they may be missing manuals and/or supplementary accessories. These items may contain stickers, such as price tags or markdowns.

Source Like New lots

Uninspected Returns

Uninspected Returns items that have been bought & returned, but the condition is unknown. Many of these items are working and come in original packaging; others will be non-functional and/or missing original packaging. Accessories may not be included, and sets may be incomplete.

Source Uninspected Returns lots

Scratch & Dent

Scratch & Dent items have been professionally inspected and found to have significant cosmetic issues and/or functionality defects. These items may be missing manuals, batteries, chargers or accessories, and they often do not ship in the original retail packaging.

Source Scratch & Dent lots


Salvage items are not functional, have cosmetic defects, and will likely have stickers or other markings on them. Salvage items usually can only be used for parts. These items do not come with manuals, batteries, chargers and/or supplementary accessories.

Source Salvage lots


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