6 Tips for First-Time BULQ Buyers

With our new offer of free shipping on your first Case (see terms), it’s the perfect time to rip off the bandaid and make your first BULQ® purchase! Here are 5 tips for making the most of your first BULQ buy:

1. Start Small 

While it can be tempting to make a large purchase on your first go-round, veteran BULQ buyers suggest starting small with the purchase of a single Case to familiarize yourself with the inventory and buying process. BULQ cases measure approximately 24”x20”x23”, weigh less than 60lbs, and ship UPS ground for a flat rate of $30 (which is included in the price you see.) Cases can be delivered to most residences in the U.S.

Photo of a BULQ Case shared by @gailbirdie

2. Condition Matters

Lots on BULQ come in 5 different conditions: Brand New; Like New; Uninspected Returns; Scratch and Dent; and Salvage. When buying for the first time, it’s important to educate yourself on what these conditions mean.  For instance, Uninspected Returns lots include items that range in condition from Brand New to Salvage; while Brand New lots will include items have never been opened and are fully functional and retail-ready. 

“We find that the most successful first-time BULQ buyers purchase in a category and condition they are comfortable selling”

3. Stick to Your Comfort Zone

With an average of 3,000 lots listed on BULQ at a given time (and new inventory added three times daily), it can feel overwhelming to find the lot that’s right for you. The most successful first-time BULQ buyers purchase in a category and condition they are comfortable selling or have a familiarity with. If you’re new to reselling, we recommend starting with a Case of Brand New items in a category you know well. You can filter by condition and category using the navigation at the top of BULQ.com or in the BULQ App. You can also set inventory preferences to get alerts when new lots are listed in the category and condition you prefer.

4. Read the Manifest

Once you’ve found lots that appeal to you, review the manifests to take a deeper look at what’s inside.  Every lot on BULQ is fully manifested. This means you can see detailed information on every item inside, including the brand name, product name/description, category, stock image, ASIN (when available), UPC, and quantity.  This is hugely valuable in making an initial estimate of potential profits before making your purchase. Manifests can be found under the “Lot Details” section when you click into each lot on both BULQ.com and the BULQ App. Here is a helpful video for navigating the BULQ Manifest.

5. Know Where You Can Sell

As you look through the manifests, we recommend thinking of the lot holistically and considering all of the channels you would sell the inventory through. If you sell on Amazon, make sure you know what categories you are un-gated in. We find that the most successful resellers in the BULQ community take a multichannel approach to selling their inventory so that they are able to maximize profits no matter what.

6. The BULQ Promise + Terms

We find that first-time buyers are often unaware that BULQ has a dedicated Customer Care Team and offers a 98% Manifest Guarantee on all orders.  If your manifest is not accurate, you can contact help@bulq.com to file a claim.  Claims must be filed within 7 days of delivery. Here is a link to more detailed information. We also recommend reviewing the terms of purchase on BULQ to ensure you have clear expectations about our claims process.

PRO Tip: A great way to prepare for your first order is to watch one of the thousands of BULQ Unboxing Videos on YouTube! Watch some of our favorites here!


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