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4 Alternative Selling Channels to eBay and Amazon

Looking to diversify your selling channels and broaden customer reach? While many resellers primarily rely on eBay and Amazon, more and more are turning to alternative channels to find new customers and diversify their income.

Whether you’re a seasoned online seller or are just getting start, now is a great time to explore other selling channels. Each platform attracts a unique audience and caters to specific inventory interests.

Read along to learn about our top picks for alternative reselling channels to see which is best for your business!


  • How it works: Poshmark is the largest community marketplace for fashion, enabling anyone to buy, sell, and share their personal style. Its millions of users are empowered to open their closets (and more recently, their homes) to create unique, personalized boutiques, all through one seamless mobile experience. Poshmark also encourages “social commerce,” enabling users to post, like and share listings in a social media-like format.
  • Poshmark’s Growth: Currently valued at approximately $625MM
  • Community Growth & Inventory Volume: Poshmark currently boasts 40 million total users and 75 million current listings, with sales made on the platform every 1 second.
  • How it differs from eBay/Amazon: As a much newer platform than eBay and Amazon, Poshmark’s buyer/seller base is significantly smaller. Poshmark’s selling fees are also quite high at 20%, compared to 10% on eBay. Leaning into its social component, Poshmark often hosts “parties” and features “Poshmark Ambassadors” – all intended to make the selling experience as fun as possible. Poshmark also limits buying and selling category options to clothing/apparel, but recently expanded to include home decor.
  • Experience level: Beginner


  • How it works: Based in Japan, Mercari is the world’s largest community-powered shopping app. Their mobile app provides a secure and hassle-free way to buy and sell a variety of categories.
  • Mercari’s Growth: Since its launch in 2013, Mercari has expanded internationally, attracting more than 20 million downloads in the U.S. Mercari continues to grow, attracting new buyers and sellers each day.
  • Inventory Volume: More than 150,000 items are listed on Mercari per day.
  • How it differs from eBay/Amazon: While the functions of these channels are basically the same, Mercari is the most informal. As an entirely mobile-based platform, Mercari puts more emphasis on ease than on professionalism. Mercari is also more transparent, encouraging users to post public comments or questions, similar to an online discussion forum. With less rules and guidelines, Mercari is often used by part-time sellers, while full-timers look more to eBay and Amazon.
  • Experience level: Beginner


  • How it works: Letgo is the largest and fastest growing channel for buying and selling locally. Listings feature everything from electronics, cars, and collectibles to clothing, furniture, and home décor. Their app makes it easy to sell what you don’t need and find local deals on what you do.
  • Letgo’s Growth: Letgo has grown rapidly since its launch in 2015. It has attracted more than 100 million downloads and continues to diversify its selling categories, even entering the housing market in 2018.
  • Community Growth & Inventory Volume: Letgo boasts more than 20 million monthly active users and has uploaded 400 million listings to date.
  • How it differs from eBay/Amazon: Letgo focuses almost exclusively on local buying and selling— the app uses geolocation to show items for sale in your specific area.
  • Experience level: Beginner


  • How it works: Unlike eBay and Amazon, Shopify is an online store builder and web hosting provider. The channel handles all aspects of business management, so entrepreneurs can focus solely on building and selling their products. Today, merchants use Shopify to manage every aspect of their businesses, including orders to customers and online and in-person selling.
  • Shopify’s Growth: Shopify projects its 2019 revenue to be in the range of $1.46 billion to $1.48 billion.
  • Community Growth & Inventory Volume: Shopify boasts 500,000 active stores, collectively driving more than $40 billion worth of sales.
  • How it differs from eBay/Amazon: Since Shopify is an online store builder, you’ll have to create your webstore yourself in addition to listing your items. But, Shopify’s apps make it easy to handle all aspects of business management, so you can focus on your products. Additionally, if you choose to use Shopify Payments, transaction fees do not apply for orders, whereas eBay has a 10% transaction fee for most categories.
  • Experience level: Beginner

While there are a number of channels out there, the best way to find which works for you is to try them out!

Is there a selling channel that we missed? Which one do you prefer? Let us know in the comments below!

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