eComChicago 2017 Recap: In Case You Missed It

One of our favorite things about working in the liquidation and wholesale space is being able to meet our customers in person at events like eComChicago, a conference that brings together online sellers and entrepreneurs for two days of action-packed learning and networking. There’s so much to absorb, not just from the industry expert speakers, but from every single attendee.

As John Lawson, #1 best-selling Amazon author and eBay influencer, told the crowd, “If you’re hanging out in the group, and you’re the smartest, most successful one there. It’s time for a new group.”

And that’s what this event affords attendees an opportunity to do — to gather with a group of smart, successful ecommerce experts and sellers who can push each other to achieve more.

“We live in a small town in North Carolina. None of our friends or family understand what we do online, selling products,” said one husband-and-wife team we met at the conference. “It’s so amazing to come here and meet other entrepreneurs who share the same ambitions.”

Running an online business startup from home is often a one-person operation. While you get to enjoy flexible hours and make your own success, it can be isolating. Some of our customers say that while it can be invigorating, they miss having a team they can bounce ideas off of.

That’s why eComChicago is a great opportunity to get back into the community and gather knowledge to accelerate your business. Need more convincing? Here are four reasons to attend this event next year.

1. Insider Advice

Top industry experts like Robyn Johnson, Cynthia Stine, and Chris Green shared insider tips on every aspect of managing your selling business to accelerate growth: inventory sourcing, marketing strategies, and financial discipline.

This year, the eBay team had a strong presence at eComChicago to educate sellers on the rollout of eBay Guaranteed Delivery.

Watch our interview with Greg Ross-Smith about the new program:

2. Networking with Your Reseller Peers

Each year, eComChicago attracts 200-300 sellers of all levels of experience, from aspiring, novice sellers to six-figure, high-grossing, seller rockstars. The value of networking and sharing knowledge with others in your industry is unparalleled.

3. Karaoke Madness

This has become a legendary part of eComChicago. When you get online sellers out from behind their screens, they know how to have fun. Cliff Ennico, small business attorney and syndicated columnist, always comes prepared with his own original lyrics to sing at Karaoke night. This year, he did a rendition of Tom Petty’s “Learning to Fly” about Amazon Suspension.

4. Not a Big Investment

At under $200, the price tag of this conference is very affordable, making it accessible for anyone to attend. The ideas and strategies you take home from the education sessions and networking alone make the return on investment (ROI) incredible. In addition, there are even raffle prizes for free consulting with many of the expert headliners. Plus, BULQ offered a giveaway of free inventory to a lucky winner.

Online sales opportunities continue to rise and eComChicago is committed to help guide sellers of all stages through their growth. So, will we see at eComChicago in 2018?


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