5 Things All Mompreneurs Know To Be True

They’re social influencers, financial analysts, business owners, and, oh yeah, caregivers. In honor of Mother’s Day, we want to call out those hustlers who wear that extra hat each and every day of their lives. Here are 5 things all mompreneurs know to be true.

1. You Hustle Hard

Raising a family might be closer to running a business than most people think. Which is why moms make some of the best entrepreneurs. Moms already wear many hats: nurse, chef, chauffeur, secretary, stylist. Adding the entrepreneurial hard hat to your wardrobe means scheduling in more responsibility to your already overbooked schedule. But as with everything else in her life, mompreneurs don’t make excuses, they make it happen. You’ve likely heard of “man-flu”, but have you ever heard of “mom-flu”? No. Because it doesn’t exist.

2. Your Hands Are Never Empty

Whether it’s a bottle a cell phone, coffee, or expense reports, you’ve always got at least one hand occupied. But somehow, without growing extra limbs, mompreneurs find a way to get all the work done. It’s some serious superhero skills.

3. You Can’t Help But Laugh at the Chaos

Let’s be real – sometimes the craziness of a being a mompreneur is so insane it’s funny. In this case, Alisa, an eBay seller and mom of 2, unboxes her BULQ® case and soon after finds her little one like this:


4. You Secretly Fantasize About Giving It Up Sometimes

With all the hard work and hustle that goes in to being a successful mompreneur, sometimes you just wish you could call it quits and live alone on a beach. Preferably far away and with a cold drink. But realistically, you would never give up the hustle of being a mompreneur.

5. You Love Every Second of It

At the end of the day you love what you do and you wouldn’t trade it for a second. You don’t just do it for you, you do it because your kids deserve a mother they can brag about.

Are you a proud mompreneur? Share your #mompreneurmoments with us in the comments!


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