3 Training Courses to Help You Sell on Amazon Successfully

Learning to sell on Amazon is challenging—and while there are plenty of articles and social channels available for support, sometimes they aren’t enough. When that’s the case, resellers can turn to training courses to start or revitalize their reselling business.

Below are three programs geared Amazon sellers. They are rated highly by the reselling community.

Amazon Boot Camp
Cost: $295 (One-time payment), $325 (3-month payment plan)
Provider: The Selling Family
Level: Beginner

The Selling Family has a number of different training programs, but Amazon Boot Camp is their central offering for guiding you to sell on Amazon successfully. This course comes with eight training videos, which resellers can move through at their own pace. They cover the basics of helping you sell on Amazon, from finding the right tools, to retail arbitrage, to an Amazon Seller Central walkthrough. Additionally, the course comes with supplemental online reading materials and access to The Selling Family Facebook group and support forum. This course is notable for advocating an honest, straightforward approach to reselling.

Proven Amazon Course
Cost: $295 (One-time payment), $327 (3-month payment plan)
Provider: Jim Cockrum
Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Jim Cockrum is a seasoned reseller on both Amazon and eBay, and has launched a number of reseller resources including his Facebook group; his book, Silent Sales Machine; and his Proven Amazon Course. The course offers access to a wide range of helpful online content for resellers, from basic step-by-step videos about building your business to more advanced topics like private labeling and bundling. In addition to the training videos, the course also provides videos of panels and forums with notable reselling experts like Skip McGrath and Stephanie Inge. While it might take patience to sift through all the different resources on the site, resellers have unlimited, lifetime access to the information.

The Complete Amazon Marketing System (eBay Version Linked Here)
Cost: $147 (Free Shipping)
Provider: Skip McGrath
Level: Intermediate

Speaking of Skip McGrath, as mentioned above, he’s a well-known Internet marketer with extensive experience selling on Amazon and eBay. His Complete Amazon Marketing System is a two-volume training manual for getting started as a reseller. The course also includes training videos like, “Repricing Your Items” and, “Understanding Fees and Credits,” access to materials on Skip McGrath’s Online Seller’s Resource, and membership to the Wholesale Sourcing Members site. The course is comprehensive and provides a great deal of information not only about selling on Amazon, but also about how to run a business. While some might find the business-focus overwhelming, the course provides all the tools necessary to start selling and find success.

These courses range in price and approach, so finding the right one can take some time. In each case, resellers are responsible for their own product and the capital to get their business off the ground (in addition to course fees). Also, while each course offers guidance, resellers are ultimately responsible to sell on Amazon successfully using the information they’ve learned.

Have you taken one of these courses? In the comments section, share your feedback about them, or let us know which top-notch courses have helped you sell on Amazon!


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