3 Reasons to Start Buying in Bulk Online Today

Are you looking to branch out and explore more efficient and cost-effective sourcing opportunities for your selling business?

As a consumer, you’re already familiar with saving at bulk stores like BJ’s and Costco for their personal needs, and many people even increase their savings by buying in bulk online. So why not bring that strategy to your selling business? Sourcing at the bulk or wholesale level can be a great way to expand your current business operations, increase your options, and save time and money.

Here’s how buying bulk goods online can benefit you.

Buying in bulk online saves time and money

When buying wholesale online, you can find significantly greater discounts than marked down retail prices. Great deals exist on sites like BULQ.com in part because we don’t have retail overhead; instead, we partner with many top retailers and other suppliers to directly connect you with their liquidation inventory and help you find the biggest discounts.

In addition, buying in bulk also allows you to be more efficient, reducing the overall cost to process each item. Receiving, sorting testing, photographing, and listing many products at once can be a big timer saver (especially if you follow these steps when sorting your pallets). Associated costs, such as shipping, also drop when sourcing and selling in bulk.

Sourcing liquidation goods online also means less time driving around looking for products and more time focused on making money!

No more getting up at 6:00 a.m. to beat out other retail, flea market, or estate sale shoppers.

Online sourcing means you can pick up great liquidation lots from anytime, anywhere—especially important for busy entrepreneurs. With new inventory added daily at 11am and 2pm ET, BULQ makes its easy to purchase from the comfort of your home or with just a click on your BULQ iPhone or Android app.

Buying in bulk online makes it easier to make data-driven decisions

When buying in bulk online, you have the advantage of having much more data readily available. For example, your wholesale pallet may come with a wholesale shipping manifest, which allows you to quickly do product research.

BULQ offers fully manifested lots, which puts important product information such as UPC, category, quantity, condition and more right at your fingertips before you’ve even made a purchase, letting you cross-reference against other data to determine whether the inventory is a good fit for you.

Don’t forget to take advantage of online tools and apps to do research on potential purchases.

Daily Source Tools, for example, is a tool designed to identify fast turnover, high profit items to sell on Amazon. Oaxray is a plugin that aims to provide up-to-date sales info for products to help you determine profitability. (Check out more seller tools to help you run your business.)

Using data to guide your sourcing decisions is an important way to keep costs down and profits up.

Buying in bulk online offers a great breadth and depth of products

When buying in bulk online, you gain access to a broader variety of products. Offline retail arbitrage can’t match the breadth and depth of bulk discounts you can find on liquidation sites like BULQ.com.

Bulk buying can mean two things: buying large quantities of the same product or buying large quantities of products, but across a wider variety of SKUs. Both tactics have advantages.

Buying multiples of the same product allow you to develop economies of scale, giving you the ability to list more volume with less work.

By sourcing a variety of products at once, on the other hand, you can spread the risk around and not rely on a single SKU to keep selling well (that’s fewer eggs in the same proverbial basket!).

The more you buy in higher volumes, the greater the discounts, the greater the opportunities. Ready to get started buying bulk inventory online? Check out our newest price drops on cases, pallets and multi-pallet lots across a variety of conditions and categories.

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