Bella, a Poshmark Pro, and her Poshmark tips

Reselling Tips from a Poshmark Pro

Hi resellers! My name is Bella, and I’ve been using Poshmark, an online clothing and home goods reselling platform, for about three years now. What started as a way for me to clean out my unwanted clothes has now become an exciting opportunity to make extra cash and feel good while doing so!

About a year and a half into my Poshmark career, I became a Posh Ambassador, which is a fancy way of saying I hit a threshold that qualified me as an active and reliable “Posher.” Today, I have a network of nearly 10K followers, have sold more than 100 items, have made close to $1,500, and have earned the title of “Posh Mentor.”

If you’re curious about getting started with Poshmark or you have an account and want to increase your success, I’m here to help! Check out my Poshmark tips below on how to make the most of the platform.

Build Your Network

Poshmark is all about interacting with the platform’s community. Unlike other marketplaces, the more you engage with other sellers, the better your chances are of reaching a wider network and making sales. Building a strong follower base also gets you invited to “parties,” which are mini showrooms that focus on specific items and brands (i.e.- a shoe party, Levi’s party, swimsuit party, etc). Some quick tips for building a strong network:

  • Add your social media channels to your profile to increase the chances of closet views.
  • Follow other sellers on Poshmark.
  • Remember to “share” items.
  • Keep your profile up to date.
  • Build relationships with repeat customers.
  • Follow new users.

Listing 101

When listing in your closet, keep the following items in mind as you upload:

  • Make sure the photos are clear and well-lit. Not only will your clothes be more appealing, but it will also increase buyer confidence in your closet.
  • Include relevant information such as brand, item condition (including any damage), size, the reason for selling, and any details about the fabric or fit.
  • Style your clothing with accessories and other pieces to help buyers envision how it could be worn.
  • Make sure clothing isn’t wrinkled, damaged or dirty.

Become a Savvy Shipper

Congratulations–you’ve sold an item! Keep these Poshmark tips in mind as you ship your sales:

  • Leave a comment to thank the buyer and let them know when you plan to ship the order.
  • Plan to ship within 2 days of the sale. If you’ll be out of town or are otherwise unable to fulfill the order in that timeframe, communicate that to the buyer.
  • When shipping, always include a thank you note.
  • Try to ship in new, unmarked packaging, not that old Amazon box we all have lying around.

Communication is Key

True Poshmark success comes down to becoming part of the community, and communicating with your buyers is a huge part of that. Always remember to:

  • Respond to comments or questions from potential buyers in a timely manner.
  • Provide updates on shipping and order fulfillment.
  • Communicate indirectly by making offers or leaving “Love Notes” after you receive items from other sellers.

Following these Poshmark tips will help you to build a positive reputation that can help boost the likelihood of future sales. Happy Poshing!

Bella is a Corporate Marketing Manager with Optoro, BULQ’s parent company, and is responsible for all account-based marketing, field marketing and sustainability marketing. She has been selling on Poshmark since 2017, has more than 10K followers, and currently holds the title of “Poshmark Ambassador.”

Poshmark handle: bellaloose

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