How to Create a Compelling Unboxing Video

We all know the thrill of a good unboxing video—that feeling of anticipation leading up to the exciting (and sometimes shocking) reveal of a case or pallet’s contents. And knowing that 90 percent of people say they discover new brands or products on YouTube[1], it’s more important than ever to ensure your videos stand out from the crowd. To help resellers think outside the box, we’ve put together tips on how to create a compelling unboxing video. 

Brand Building

The main purpose of an unboxing video is to promote your business. But you also want to build a trusted brand that resonates with potential buyers. Use this opportunity to showcase your personality, interests, and favorite sourcing categories in order to connect with the reselling community. People prefer to shop with brands that feel genuine, so be sure to share your real opinions and constructive feedback. Also, every product review doesn’t have to be glowing. Audiences will appreciate your candor, and your channel can become a valuable resource for shoppers.

Audio and Visual

Before filming your unboxing video, there are a few boxes to tick off for a strong audio and visual experience:

  • Angle your camera to take advantage of light sources and avoid a dark screen or shadows
  • Choose a backdrop that represents your business and isn’t too cluttered or distracting
  • Look directly at the camera so you’re addressing the audience, and don’t forget to smile—a friendly face goes a long way!
  • Reduce background noise as much as possible to keep your audio clear and crisp
  • Consider including an intro theme song or closing tune during the editing process
  • Ensure that the first 10 seconds look compelling and draw audiences in to watch the full video
  • Experiment with different camera placements, cuts, and zooming to find what works best
  • For more advanced resellers, include on-screen text when it makes sense (i.e. callout a particular product link, encourage subscribers, provide guest names, etc.)

By following these tips and tricks of the trade, you can ensure that your video is reflected in the best light (literally).


One benefit of unboxing videos is that you don’t need an entire film crew or a garage of studio-grade equipment to make it happen.For unboxing beginners, you can invest in a mobile phone tripod, a ring light, and maybe some clip-on microphones. This will keep expenses low while enabling you to produce a quality video. For intermediate influencers to unboxing pros, you might consider investing in a livestream camera or multiple cameras, light stands, wireless microphones, and professional editing software. Higher-grade equipment will result in a more polished end result and you gain access to advanced videography features.

It’s hard to go wrong with an unboxing video. But we hope that these technical tips and details will help resellers of all levels to create a compelling unboxing video. And don’t forget to enter those videos in our #BULQUnboxed Contest from now through Friday, May 7. Winners will be announced on May 14, so best of luck!

Still need a bit of inspiration? Check out some of these amazing unboxing videos from fellow BULQ HULQs and resellers!


Source 1: What the world watched in a day | Think with Google, 2019 

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