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Reselling Tips from the BULQ Community

In times like these, making sure life goes “according to plan” can be a bit of a challenge. Things are changing at a moment’s notice, which may leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed. Fortunately, a little advice can go a long way. 

We asked BULQ’s Instagram community to share their top reselling tips for making the most of the situation around COVID-19. Check out a few of their inspiring words. 

“How can resellers make the most of this situation?”

My reselling tips are there will be ups and downs. Just keep eye on the prize whatever that might be and tomorrow will be a brighter days 😎☀️


Make sure to list when you can. Ship out/meet up as fast as possible to keep the customer who needs the items happy. Make sure to check the manifest and make sure the prices are accurate. Know what you’re selling and know what your buyers are wanting, if possible.


Think outside the box and step up your game. Be willing to make a change in your normal sourcing venues and the items you sell. Your next sourcing trip maybe your garage, your attic, your own closet, or even reaching out to your neighbors who are doing their spring cleaning and needing somewhere to donate their unwanted items.


Keep positive! Motivating yourself & others by posting a YouTube video about your business. If you can do an unboxing. Get organized so when our world goes back you will be ready to come out storage with sales. Happy BULQing!


Keep going and get creative❤️! I’m glad to have found BULQ in the past month- I have ordered 4 cases because of what’s going on for me. People are buying essentials! So thank you!


Best reselling tips: just keep listing! Branch outside of your comfort zone, try new things, just don’t give up on your business! Times may be slow, but it’ll pick back up, just stay positive! We are in this together 🧡


Don’t lose patience, and do not give up. Things are slow right now. Take this time to refresh listings and cross post if possible. Everyone’s feeling your pain right now and it’s just not you. 💖


Delist, relist… LIST LIST LIST! USE your time to recharge. Money will come. Keep healthy.


Check out the market for what is in demand and try to remember people looking for those items are looking for deals. If you can help them out, do so. 🙌


Now’s the time to take a step back and re-evaluate the organization of your small business. Track those cost, organize your inventory and cross-list, cross-list, cross-list those stale items that aren’t selling on your main platform. Stay safe!


Tip: organize inventory when sales are slow, try a new reselling app. Order new supplies & most of all don’t give up, you got this ! ✨


Best reselling tips… just keep working at it and give yourself grace. List what you can, revamp old listings, have a sale, share on social media, take offers. You might not get top dollar right now and remind yourself that that’s okay.


Stay home, bond with your family and stay safe. List list list and keep listing! Buy wholesale lots to keep inventory up. Go through your own things to find more inventory (Spring cleaning).


Don’t give up! Keep listing, it’s hard and easy to get distracted but list and relist!


Source the right items, things people are counting on you to provide. I sell baby items, so I’m helping my local community by providing diapers and wipes when they cannot find them anywhere else. Be fair, and control your greed!


Just keep swimming. 😁


Do what you can without being too hard on yourself. Family and life is most important but your business will succeed if kept where it belongs. We can all stay successful in these times. Learn your new normal.


My reselling tips are to try and list everything that you have and do inventory. Also re-evaluate your store and relist items if necessary. And to support one another during these tough times.


Take the time to organize inventory while you’re at home and see what items are in demand! Keep ordering inventory!!!


Don’t stop! Keep listing and adapt with the times. Consider your buyers financial situation and list items (if you have them or access to them) that customers may need. Since most people are at home more now than ever consider items that can be educational or fun to do in a group or everyday use items that may not be available to them at the moment. (No price gouging of course!!!). The most important thing to do is NOT get discouraged. Keep listing! Keep providing the great service you always have given your customers! And last but not least, wash your hands and don’t touch your face!


My best business tip would be to channel negative thoughts away. Sales slow? List more! Getting low offers? Be thankful you’re getting an order. STAY POSITIVE


Just breathe and relax. Don’t get caught up in the madness. Step back, evaluate your business, finances, and make the best and most viable decision for your business based off of that.



Thank you to the BULQ community for sharing your spirit of positivity during this difficult time. 

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