Spotlighting BULQ’s “Mompreneurs”

They watch recitals and balance budgets. They run errands and research the market. They raise children and manage businesses.

They are mompreneurs. And they do it all.

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re spotlighting the many women who balance the passion of running a reselling business with the love of raising a family. Read on to celebrate a few incredible mompreneurs as they share advice for finding the best of both worlds.

Q: What effect has reselling had for your family?

Kerry Franciscovich – Full-time eBay seller: The very nature of reselling allows me to ‘be there’ for them. I create my own working day and that means I can be there for every show, meeting, class, doctor visit, etc. I owe my time to nobody but myself, so I can give it freely when I choose. They benefit because reselling gives me flexibility, which is so important with people you love.

Kerry with her family.

Anne Violette – Full-time reseller and freelance writer: Reselling started out as a way to get rid of some extra things my family didn’t need. I made “lots” of the clothes my boys outgrew and sold them on eBay. I also enjoyed yard sailing and thrifting, which has saved us a lot of money on everyday things. The more we posted things to sell, the better it got. The business kind of blossomed into an eBay store after a year as a hobby. It has been 5 years now and still growing.

Susie Wand – Full-time reseller: It’s something we enjoy doing together. Financially it helps us pay for the extra things trips, or a new toy.

Q: How is your family involved in your reselling business?

Kerry: The biggest involvement my family has is in helping me shoot ‘Unboxing’ videos for my YouTube channel. If they are willing to get on camera and have some fun looking through my BULQ liquidation cases, then they get to keep whatever they want! We always have a lot of fun and the videos help drive traffic to my eBay store. Aside from that, they’ve always been encouraging and supportive along the way as I have worked to build my expertise and business.

Anne: As my kids got older, they started helping with sourcing, modeling, and photographing items for listings. They’re also learning about setting goals and following through with commitments. We also have one or two yard sales each year to purge stale inventory. The kids work and help to sell the items and run a snack stand. They also love making money, and my oldest son is a great salesman. He’s so cute, the customers just can’t say no to whatever he is selling!

Anne with her family.

Susie: My husband and I both do it and support and help each other. We love to purchase BULQ boxes for flea markets we sell at. We get new items for great prices. The whole family goes to the flea market together. The kids even help!

Q: What advice do you have for other reseller moms?

Kerry: Trust your instincts about yourself. As mothers, we are acutely aware of how hard we work to keep our family secure and healthy. Day after day, we handle an avalanche of tasks while balancing the emotional well-being of our kids as well. If employers out there can’t translate that work and dedication into the resume they are looking for, then you do it! Be confident that you can be successful at reselling because you have a proven track record. You are a mom! If you can do that job well, you can certainly learn about and build a successful resale business. And with companies like BULQ creating an easy access platform to source products, it’s worth it to give it a try.

“Be confident that you can be successful at reselling because you have a proven track record. You are a mom!” – Kerry Franciscovich

Anne: Reselling is the perfect job to balance work and family. I find that as a mom juggling work, housework, errands and other traditional mom duties, it’s best to photograph everything in batches. Then, edit and prepare the listings; try to push for listing 10 – 15 items each day. Finally, don’t give up. Work into this gradually and give it all you’ve got!  Make friends with fellow reseller parents, and join some groups on Facebook to ask veterans questions if you get stuck. You won’t have any co-workers except a few cute kids, maybe a husband and perhaps pets, but it sure is rewarding having daily cash flow and the freedom. 

Susie: Set a goal every day of what you want to accomplish. Let’s say it’s to list 5 items. Even if you don’t get it done, at least you had a goal! Somedays you will exceed your goals and somedays you won’t. It’s ok!

Susie with her family.

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