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BULQ Reseller Spotlight: Kerry Franciscovich

At BULQ, we are passionate about celebrating the reseller community by sharing the unique stories of some of our customers through their reselling journeys.

Kerry Franciscovich is a part-time reseller who has been selling on eBay for 6 years. She started out selling vintage clothing and accessories and has expanded her offerings over the past few years to include everything from home decor to beauty products. Kerry also features unboxing videos and other reselling tutorials on her YouTube channel, Picasso Kat Treasures.  She’s been a BULQ customer since May, 2018.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into this business?

I’ve been a lifelong garage seller. However, about 6 years ago, I decided to make some extra money and starting reselling on eBay as well. For many years, I was a single mother of 3 kids and needed more flexibility with my work hours. So I figured I would take what I love and rev it up. More recently, I realized I needed to up my game and knew that sourcing one-off items from garage sales would be too time-consuming. So, I decided to start sourcing in bulk.

I’m also big into sustainability (I worked for an ocean conservation non-profit years ago) and BULQ is a great way to sustainably source. But the number one reason I resell is because I love what I’m doing!

Tell us what a typical work week looks like for you.

I mainly resell when I can fit it into my day. I care for my elderly mother and children, so work is a bit more disjointed than I’d like it to be. But I have certain responsibilities and reselling allows me to work when I’m able to.

What does your relationship with BULQ look like?

I found BULQ a few months ago by watching unboxing videos on Youtube. I actually found Hooked On Pickin’s Youtube channel and binge watched her videos. And I decided to try it out and become a BULQ reseller myself!

What type of inventory do you typically buy?

When I source from garage sales and thrift stories, I look for vintage clothing and jewelry. When I source in bulk, I look for multiples of same product so that it’s only one listing.  I’ve found that electronics sell well, but I’m not super passionate about it. I do love selling women’s clothing and accessories. It’s just important to be excited about your product and be proud of what you have to offer!

Where do you sell your inventory?

I primarily sell on eBay, occasionally with Amazon FBA (if I have new multiples), and at garage sales, if times permits. I also list on OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace and occasionally sell at a local consignment store.

What are your business goals?

I would love to devote more time to reselling and double sales. At this point, I’m doing pretty well considering my time constraints and it’s gotten much better since finding more inventory sources. I would, long-term, like this to be something I could continue doing indefinitely.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone just getting started in the reselling industry what would it be?

My first piece of advice is to leap into it and don’t be afraid to get started. And my second piece of advice is to educate yourself about reselling and watch as many Youtube reselling videos as you can.

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