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BULQ Reseller Spotlight: David Noland

We know the reselling community works hard to make their businesses the best they can be. So, we want to celebrate it!

To honor the hustle of so many BULQ HULQs, we’re launching a new Reseller Spotlight Series to highlight the amazing stories of this seller community.

First up, David Noland! David and his wife, Meghan, are full-time eBay sellers based in Virginia. Their eBay store, dealdestroyer, offers a wide range of items, with a focus on electronics, collectibles, and necessities. David and Meghan also share their reselling experiences through their YouTube Channel, The Destroy Family.

We chatted with David to learn more about his business, selling strategy, and advice for other resellers. Check out our reseller spotlight interview with him below!

David with his wife, Meghan

David and his wife, Meghan

What does a typical work week look like for you?

I have been reselling full-time for a little over 3 years. A typical work can be a little all over the place for our

family. We have two little boys (4 years old and 1 year old) and they make working during the day interesting, to say the least. The main goal during the day is to get shipping finished and sourcing new items to sell.

After the kids go to sleep, that’s when the real work begins. Every night, I work in my office from around 9pm until midnight or so to get the job done. It’s not ideal, but it’s what works for us now. We are fully devoted to this business and the future endeavors it will bring, so it is all worth it!

What’s your favorite part of being a reseller?

David's son helping out with the family business!

David’s son helping out with the family business!

The freedom! Being your own boss really has its perks! You can work anywhere and anytime you want! Obviously, some discipline is needed to get the work completed, but if I need a day off to be with our boys or attend to a family matter, I have the freedom to do so. [My wife and I] both worked in an office when our first son was born and felt we missed so many of his early milestones. That’s when we knew that lifestyle was not for us– we needed a job to keep us at home, and reselling gave that to us!

What’s one thing you wish you knew before you started reselling?

How to stay organized! From inventory to finances, if you slack off early on, you create habits that will come back to haunt in the future.

What would you say to struggling resellers who are just getting started?

David with BULQ Box

Stay focused and don’t be afraid to pivot. Building a reselling business takes time and dedication. You have to stay focused on your goal, and with hard work you can reach it!

Pivoting is another thing I believe is crucial. We’ve changed our business up so many times, from what kind of items we sell to where we source them from. If one thing isn’t working, pivot to another. We started off selling clothes because we saw so many people doing that and succeeding. It was okay for a while but learned clothing was not something we were passionate about. We switched gears to categories we enjoyed a lot more and it brought us more success!

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