BULQ Reseller Spotlight: Jovani Cardenales

When it comes to reselling, BULQ buyer Jovani knows how to embrace the hustle. Based in New York, Jovani started selling items online as a side hustle in 2018. After two years of growing his business, he left his career in the hospitality industry to pursue reselling full-time in January 2020. Soon after, Jovani was faced with the impact of COVID-19, but managed to pivot his strategy to continue to increase sales.

Today, Jovani sells primarily general merchandise on eBay as jovystar123, on Poshmark as jovystar24, and on Mercari as Finding Treasure. You can also check out his latest reselling tips and unboxing videos on his Finding Treasure YouTube channel.

We chatted with Jovani to learn more about his reselling career, including the fun way he discovered BULQ in the first place! Check out our latest BULQ Reseller Spotlight interview with him below.

What does a typical reselling workday look like for you?

Jovani's organizational system for his BULQ inventoryA typical reselling workday for me looks like an octopus with arms moving all directions. I’m usually up no later than 10am (I like to get my sleep in!). Once I’m up, I always look at emails and catch up on anything that needs immediate attention. Soon after, I get started on orders. I hunt them down, pack them up, and ship them out. In the afternoon, I spend my time sourcing if I need more inventory. I’ll check to see what items I’m lacking and in need of, including shipping supplies. I love to check BULQ to see if there are any price drops in categories I’m interested in.

I like to get as much done as I can before 5pm so I have time to catch up with family and personal life. At the end of the day when everyone is sleeping, usually late at night, I like to list and post on eBay, Mercari, and my Poshmark store. I’ve found between 8-10pm is a great time to list. As my day concludes, I like to check out YouTube and Facebook to watch other people’s stories and experiences.

Jovani's latest BULQ haul of toysWhat are your favorite items to sell? 

Wow, I have so many! I like to stay in the General Merchandise and Home Decor categories since those usually sell well for me.

Like many resellers, you needed to make adjustments to your business in the wake of COVID-19. What were some of those changes, and how have they affected your business?

I made the decision to go full time a little before COVID-19 hit and the U.S. went into lock down. I had to redirect my sales to specific online selling platforms and didn’t do flea markets or yard sales until it was a little safer, which slowed down sales. I needed to change how I sourced inventory, which is how I became a BULQ buyer! My mom actually recommended it to me. Fortunately, all these changes have been working great and I’ve actually seen an increase in sales because of them.

What’s your best piece of advice for newer resellers?

Never get distracted or discouraged. You’re going to have good and bad days (hopefully mostly good!). When you don’t get sales for a day, it’s okay – the next day you might get double the sales. Last, but not least, when in doubt, take action. List, list, list! And don’t be afraid to relist an item to see what works.

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