What Are Master Packs and How to Profit From Multiples

Looking to flip brand-new apparel, toys, home goods, sourced directly from popular retailers? Want to save time on researching and merchandising tons of SKUs, so you can focus on optimizing other parts of your business? Then consider purchasing multiples of the same product with master packs.

Master packs, also known as case packs or master cases, are multiples of single SKUs in bulk packaging.

These highly sellable products — ranging from Apparel & Accessories and Toys & Baby, to General Merchandise and Home & Garden — come from major superstore retailers and are often still in their original, factory-sealed packaging.

Why Source Master Packs

1. Easy to Evaluate
It’s easy to research master packs. These packs can be low-risk and high-reward investments; you only need to research a single item on the manifest to determine whether the products fit your business needs.

2. Easy to Merchandise
Once you discover the value of master packs, you’ll find one of the biggest advantages is ease of merchandising. Sourcing in multiples means less work to get units ready to sell and less content that needs to be created to promote them.

BULQ customer reviews master packs during BULQ unboxing

3. Giftable
Units inside a brand-new master pack are retail ready and from popular categories, which means these could be popular items for holiday shoppers. If you’re looking to source giftable products, take a look at master packs in brand new condition, in categories such as apparel & accessories or home goods.

How to Find and Research Master Packs

Master Pack filter on BULQ.com

If you don’t have direct relationships with big box retailers to source case packs or wholesale items in bulk, don’t despair. Whether you use the website or one of our native apps, you can source master packs easier than ever from BULQ using our new filtering capability.

Simply navigate to the category you prefer and then select the “Contains master packs” filter — you can narrow your selection further by choosing specific categories, price ranges, and lot sizes. BULQ master packs are usually in brand-new condition, but check the lot details to find the wholesale lots that best fit your sourcing strategy.

Once you’ve identified pallets or cases containing master packs from BULQ’s top-tier retail partners, open the manifest and start your product research. Search for the product name or UPC using your seller tools, look it up on popular marketplaces, and then evaluate the going price, sales velocity, and other metrics to determine if it fits into your strategy.

How to Sell Multiples

Is there anything special you need to know about selling items of which you have multiples? In a word: No.

Although you’re sourcing master packs, you don’t need to sell to your end customers in bulk or in bundles unless you want to. That means you can merchandise, sell, and fulfill individual items as you’re used to (although bundling items for a discount could be a great tactic for your store, depending on your market).

For online selling, you only need to create a single listing to publish all the individual units in your master pack. That means you only need to photograph, upload content, and determine pricing for a product once — no matter how many units you have.

For offline selling, multiples of a single item make for attractive, professional displays. Grouping items in easy-to-find sets also saves space. You’ll reduce your time spent on customer questions and simultaneously increase value by sorting like-items together.

What’s Next?

Master packs are yet another option for resourceful sellers looking for new selling opportunities. Convinced? Great, check out new master pack inventory on BULQ.com.

Or learn more about understanding BULQ manifests, optimizing time spent processing wholesale pallets, or what delabeling/defacing policies are.

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