Sourcing inventory during COVID-19: Toys & Games

Sourcing Inventory for COVID-19: Top Items to Sell Right Now

If you’ve had to shift your inventory sourcing strategy in the past few weeks due to COVID-19, you’re not alone. Americans are watching what they spend, leading many to shy away from those “nice-to-have” purchases. However, with people still spending most time at home, what’s deemed “essential” for these customers can go beyond the usual necessities. So, what product categories are resellers sourcing in this unprecedented time of COVID-19?

Sourcing Inventory to Meet the COVID-19 Demand

We surveyed more than 400 BULQ buyers to get a better idea of what their customers are purchasing during COVID-19. Here are a few of their best items to sell online. 

GRAPH: What inventory categories have your customers been buying more of?

SOURCE: March 2020 COVID-19 BULQ Customer Survey

Sourcing Wholesale Products in the COVID-19 Economy

Health & Beauty Overstock and Shelf-Pulls

No matter the situation, customers will always need their usual shampoos, soaps, makeup, and self care products. These are items that customers also inevitably run out of, meaning they’re more likely to make a repeat purchase. 

If you’re , try sourcing items in New condition to ensure all products are sealed and in proper packaging. Also, look for cases that have multiples of the same item to speed up the listing process. 

Source Health & Beauty on BULQ

General Merchandise Liquidation

If you’ve been spending time at home, demand for this category is a no-brainer. Books, movies, and other media are all hugely sought after by buyers looking to keep themselves occupied. This especially applies to families with young children out of school, so look for items that are kid-friendly or can entertain all ages.  

Source General Merchandise on BULQ

Toys & Baby Pallets and Cases

Similar to General Merchandise, Toys & Baby are also a few of the best items to sell online, with an emphasis on toys, games, and crafts. Despite the category name, don’t limit yourself to only sourcing products kids will like. Adults are equally entertained by these items, so look for puzzles, board games, and other products they can enjoy. 

And speaking of kids, some resellers, such as ourCOVID-19 panelistKerry Franciscovich, are even predicting a baby boom in the coming months! We’ll let you fill in the blank, but it’s not bad to keep in mind for your fall sourcing strategy. 

Source Toys & Baby on BULQ

Consumer Electronics Returns

Resellers also reported an uptick in consumer electronics purchases such as TVs, video game devices, and audio gear. If possible, seek out items from well-known companies to use brand recognition to your advantage. 

Source Consumer Electronics on BULQ

As schools and businesses mandate “work/study from home” policies, the need for home office setups is at an all-time high. Students and employees alike are seeking laptops and other devices to stay connected. As a side note, office supplies and furniture are also in demand, so you may want to add in a few of those items as well. 

Source Computers & Office on BULQ

Home and Garden Surplus Inventory

Let’s face it, there’s never been a better time to clean out your closet, and buyers know it. Baskets and other storage items are big for customers looking to organize their homes and clear out the clutter. Some are even taking the time to redecorate their spaces, so keep an eye out for pillows, bedding, and other home furnishings. 

Customers lucky enough to have outdoor space are also flexing their green thumbs with plants and backyard gardens. DIYers are in search of new home improvement projects as well, so try to source tools for both types of outdoorsy buyers. 

Source Home & Garden on BULQ 

Adjust Your Sourcing Strategy to COVID-19

Figuring out the best items to sell online is tricky, especially in the current situation. But, with a little guidance from the reselling community, you should feel well-prepared to execute a solid sourcing strategy. 


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