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Summer Sourcing: Predictions on the Season’s Top Sellers

It comes as little surprise when we say this summer will probably be a bit different than most. Usual activities like going to the beach, barbecues, and swimming at community pools are still under restrictions due to COVID-19, with no sign of loosening for many areas. For sellers, this change impacts not only summer plans, but also seasonal inventory sourcing strategies. 

If your usual sourcing plan has you scratching your head – never fear! We asked BULQ’s YouTube community which items they think will be their best summer reselling inventory. Check out a few categories they believe are sure to heat up sales. 

Toys & Baby

With summer camps limited in many areas, family-minded customers will likely be searching for ways to keep kids occupied. Luckily, items like coloring books, board games, and crafts are sure to hit a home run with children and parents alike. Check out a few more suggestions from our sellers: 

    “Toys have been going great for us. We enjoy sourcing them as well.” – Take Me to Your Lido

    “My biggest summer seller will be any DIY toys to keep kids occupied” – Heather Hooks (Hooked on Pickin’)

    “I anticipate selling more family games/toys as families will be spending more time together. Besides. Those boxes also benefit my family as well!” – Cheryl Brown Life Exposed 

Source Toys & Baby on BULQ

Health & Beauty 

No matter the situation, customers will always need their usual self-care products, especially if they plan on being in the sun! These are items that customers also inevitably run out of, meaning they’re more likely to make a repeat purchase. From shampoo to sunscreen, here’s what BULQ HULQs are keeping an eye out for: 

    “I think I’ll be selling shampoo for blonde hair and purple formula for the light haired ladies and gentlemen.” – Tracy Hayes

    “I am working on building up my personal care items. Soaps, shampoos, and makeup.” – almostantiquemn

    “I think I’ll be selling more sunscreen this summer!!!” – Alisha Cosenza

Source Health & Beauty on BULQ

General Merchandise

This catch-all category is great for season-specific sourcing, especially when it comes to outdoor activities. Although some of the usual items aren’t as in-demand this year, the BULQ community is already seeing success with a few summer favorites:

    “One of my biggest sellers already is POOL TOYS!! I had purchased a few lots over the holidays with a bunch of pool floats in them (in excess of 40) and they sold here or there, but the last 2 weeks has me selling them daily to the point where I’m almost out, so any outside pool/water toys are going to HUGE this summer for a mainly Toy seller like myself!” – Rav1 & Lil Mis E

    “Forecasters are predicting this to be the hottest summer since record-keeping began in the U.S. so we anticipate fans and air conditioners to be the hottest selling items for us this summer.” – Mike & Terri’s Resale 

    “I think my best seasonal seller will be water guns or something water-related. People have been stuck in the house and now it’s time for people to have fun so I believe water fun will be the hit for summer” – 1000 Questions

ource General Merchandise on BULQ

Sellers – what are your predictions for this season’s best summer reselling inventory? Leave them in the comments below!

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