What to Source for Summer Selling 2019

The days are getting warmer, the sun is out longer- summer’s on the way! While it may seem early to think about summer selling, now’s a great time to prepare for the season ahead.

Although similar to spring, customers’ leisure-time needs largely drive summer sales, particularly buyers with children. Seasonal activities, such as swimming, camping, and barbecuing, can all be great points of inventory inspiration. But, if you’re looking to really dive in to summer sourcing, these categories are sure to heat up sales:

Apparel and Accessories

In addition to favorites like shorts and tank tops, there are a few new fashion trends that are worth working into your sourcing strategy:

  • Bright colors, such as neon and tie dye, are making a comeback this season. According to Cosmopolitan, these colorful shades will be gracing both tops and bottoms, so think about sourcing pieces in these highlighter hues to appeal to fashion-forward buyers.
  • Feathers and fringe are also reappearing on runways, so consider adding items like feather earrings or fringe-bottom skirts to your inventory list.
  • Light-wash denim is a great bet for both men’s and women’s apparel. Jeans, shorts, shirts, and jackets all fall into this category, so there are plenty of options customers are sure to love.

  • Sandals and flip flops are also an annual fashion favorite among men and women, so stock up on both casual and more formal versions of these summer shoes.

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Toys and Baby

School’s out! That means customers are searching for ways to keep kids occupied both in and outdoors. Luckily, items like these are sure to hit a home run with children and parents alike:

  • Water and beach toys, like squirt guns and beach buckets/shovels, are always a big hit during the dog days of summer. Families with children especially will be in search of group activities, so consider bundling items in a “family pack” to appeal to these customers.
  • Coloring books and toys are a great standby for those inevitable rainy days. Look for items featuring popular children’s characters or a unique twist, such as colorable dolls, to grab customers’ attention.

  • Indoor and outdoor games, such as tennis-like paddle games and board games, are also in demand, so stock up on items that meet the interests of a variety of age groups.

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General Merchandise

As with any season, there are also a few miscellaneous product categories that shoppers are sure to seek out:

  • Outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and water sports, continue to gain momentum as the weather gets warmer. Similar to spring, consider sourcing tents, water bottles, backpacks, flashlights, and cooking supplies to meet the demands of active customers.

  • Backpacks and school supplies will also be top-of-mind among parents come August. Although it may seem early, start thinking about your back-to-school sourcing strategy now to nab customers and keep them coming back throughout the school season.

  • 4th of July and Labor Day are two big drivers of vacation and party-focused items. Barbecue and observance-focused products, such as USA-themed decorations and clothing, are popular among shoppers, so stock up well before the holidays.

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Summer is a time for fun, and that includes your sourcing strategy! Think about items that you’d enjoy buying– chances are good your customers will like them too.

Sellers, are there any top selling summer items that we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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