[FREE EBOOK] BULQ’s 2020 Holiday Reselling Guide

The year’s holiday season will almost certainly be unlike any other. As the world faces a global pandemic, retailers, including resellers, are continuously forced to evolve and meet the needs of a rapidly changing market. 

That’s why we created our 2020 Holiday Reselling Guide- an eBook offering simple, easy-to-execute strategies and tools to help business owners sell online during the holidays. 

Start the season off right- download your free Holiday Reselling Guide now.

Download BULQ’s 2020 Holiday Reselling Guide to learn:

  • What to source in each inventory category
  • How to create searchable listings
  • How to manage shipping and returns
  • Advertising strategies
  • How to manage the impact of COVID-19

Free Excerpt

COVID-19 Considerations

  • Clearly State Safety Precautions: Take every opportunity to describe all sanitation procedures you’ve put in place to mitigate COVID-19 risk. Even if you’ve shared these procedures in the past, it’s worth recirculating them so potential buyers can see you’re taking their safety seriously. 
  • Plan Ahead…Way Ahead: Gone are the days of customers piling in for a one-day Black Friday sale, especially in a pandemic. Rather than waiting for the usual rush, consider starting some sales in September or October to attract buyers over time and get a jump on the season.” 

Want to learn more about how to sell online during the holidays? Download your FREE guide now.

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