eBay Seller Groups to Join for Useful Tips and Support

Many resellers are one person operations, known commonly in the business world as solopreneurs. They’re folks who are both the leader and labor force of a small business. For resellers, that labor includes sourcing, processing, selling and fulfilling products, both online and off.

Though the work is challenging, being self-reliant can be very rewarding. Still, being a solopreneur doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. Particularly when selling on eBay, seller forums can act as both informational resources and support systems that can be immensely valuable.

eBay has millions of sellers and many of them are accessible via the myriad of online seller forums. Here are three types of groups sellers can consider getting involved in:

The eBay Community

To find fellow community members, look no further than eBay itself. The eBay Community is an area where sellers can ask questions and host discussions about a variety of topics. Subjects can range from the “Part Time eBay Sellers Group” to “Seasoned Toysellers” to “Momz.”

Users must be signed into their eBay accounts to join or request an invite, as some seller groups are private. The community channel is a great resource for information and support. Many of the channels are geared toward specific types of eBay sellers, so resellers with similar backgrounds or interests can find each other. (Note, the eBay community does not engage customer service or seller support. For direct inquiries, visit this page.)

Facebook Groups

As with Amazon, many resellers form eBay-specific groups on Facebook. The groups vary in size. For example, eBay Warriors is a large, supportive group with more than 100,000 members. They ask and answer one another’s questions and share eBay selling best practices.

eBay Selling Basics is another great community, led by eBay selling pro Kathy Terrill. Members share a variety of content, ranging from questions and blogs posts to inspirational quotes. Make sure to explore the thread history before posing a question to see if the topic has already been addressed. This increases the likelihood that other group members will respond—and respond thoughtfully.

To find these and other eBay-related Facebook groups, just use the search bar at the top of your homepage. The descriptions provided will indicate whether their primary purpose is sharing sale items or for providing information and support. Checking out the “suggested groups” section (on the righthand side of your screen) is also helpful to explore more available groups.

Sellers shouldn’t be afraid to join multiple groups, as each might have a unique culture or varying opinions on certain questions. The most important thing to remember when joining is to remain respectful of other group members. Everyone is there to learn and improve!

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  1. Jian Hawk November 21, 2017 at 10:52 am #

    Nice post! I could go on for days of “profiling” certain customers based on sales price and general area of who will be difficult. It seems a portion of today’s customers do not care about small business and the cost it takes to service a customer.

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