BULQ’s 2017 Online Holiday Selling Guide Is Here!

If you’re a reseller, you hustle for every dollar you make. That’s just what the business demands. Going into the fourth quarter, which includes the big holiday shopping season, those dollars can really add up to make up a substantial portion of your yearly revenue.

That means that for sellers, the holiday season — besides being the time for giving, family, and fun — is the season of moving inventory and making profits. You don’t want to miss out on the $1 trillion-plus in retail sales that happen in Q4 (source: U.S. Census Bureau).

So what’s a reseller got to do to succeed during the holidays?

First, understand the opportunity.

Download the 2017 Online Holiday Selling Guide to find important holiday consumer trends, tips for sourcing for the holidays, and online merchandising best practices.

Your next step is to plan and prepare for the holidays.

Our guide includes a comprehensive Q4 calendar, marked with all the need-to-know dates for seller deadlines, hidden fees, and tips to help you maximize your Q4 potential.

The last step is to execute flawlessly.

A plan is only ever as good as the follow-through. That’s why the last page of the ebook is a actionable checklist to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. If you check every box in the list, you’re in for a happy holiday season!

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