Aaron Ketterer

BULQ Reseller Stories: Aaron Ketterer, Utah Auctionology

Aaron Ketterer is a part-time reseller who has been selling musical instruments, sporting goods, and dozens of other categories on eBay for 4 years. He’s been a BULQ customer since 2017.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into this business?

I got into reselling through a friend. He was going to auctions and I joined him once and kept going from there. I started off buying musical instruments, because that’s something I know well from being a musician, then branched out to sporting goods, and continued diversifying since then. It’s been an additional source of income for me. And it got to a point where my business needs got too big for auctions and I started buying truckloads.

Tell us what a typical work week looks like for you.

Reselling is a part time gig – I’m an accountant for a living – and i mostly resell on the weekend and before and after work.

What does your relationship with BULQ look like?

I heard of BULQ through the Product Sourcing 101 Facebook group and then met Colleen [BULQ’s Community Manager] at ASD (a biannual B2B trade showand got more information about BULQ. Having that face-to-face contact helped solidify trust and my willingness to source with BULQ.

What category and condition of inventory do you typically buy?

I enjoy sourcing musical instruments or sporting goods because I understand those markets the most. However, I sell a bit of everything (exception of clothing) and have learned how to determine if something will be profitable.

Where do you sell your inventory?

I sell Locally (Facebook Marketplace and Classifieds) and sometimes hold yard sales. I also sell on eBay and occasionally on Amazon.

What are your business goals?

Short-term, I’m looking into the possibility of having weekly flash sales. Long-term, I’d like to be the place where sellers and resellers come to get good inventory.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone just getting started in the reselling industry what would it be?

I would tell them to start small with something they understand (like I did with musical instruments) and then branch out from there. I had $85 in my first auction and then turned it into a business!

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