Top Takeaways From ASD Market Week – March 2019

Last week, members of the BULQ team attended ASD Market Week’s spring show to meet with resellers and learn some top tricks of the trade. Whether we saw you at our booth (thanks for coming by!) or you were unable to make the event, check out these key learnings to see our takeaways from one of the year’s biggest wholesale trade shows.

From the Sessions

ASD Banner ASD Panel

Get to Know Your Customers

Session: Loyalty Among Consumers: Retention, Respect, & Revenue

During this panel discussion, moderated by Retail Minded Founder Nicole Leinbach Reyhle, resellers discussed strategies for not just gaining customers, but how to keep them coming back again and again.

  • Develop a brand voice, and make sure it’s consistent across all your brand’s platforms (i.e.- review sites, social media, brand site)
  • Ask for feedback to find out what your customers truly want. This will help them feel listened to and understood, which is key to gaining their trust and loyalty.
  • Facilitate buying habits by offering loyalty programs or subscriptions that reward frequent buying behaviors.

Practice Makes Perfect

Session: How to Optimize, Promote and Better Monetize Your eBay Listings

Hosted by Jason T Smith, eBay selling educator and founder of the Facebook group The Thrifting Board, this discussion provided quick tips for maximizing sales on eBay, as well as a Q&A section where participants asked specific questions about their personal selling experiences. Jason’s strategy was simple – try and try again.

  • Play around with the cost of a product and its accompanying shipping to see what resonates best with customers. For example- list a product for $30 with free shipping, then again a few weeks later for $25 with $5 shipping to compare sales.
  • For returns, you may think a shorter 30 day window is best for ensuring customers don’t “cheat the system” and return heavily used items. However, try testing out a longer, 60-90 day window to see the results. Chances are good, the longer the return period, the more likely customers are to forget to return the item or decide they’ve used it long enough to keep it.
  • Leverage the “Item Specifics” section of listings to see which descriptive language performs best in search results. You can enter up to 25 fields, so include as much detail as possible, including length, height, weight, color, condition and any other relevant information.

“The Riches Are in the Niches”

Session: Leveraging Amazon to Launch Your Brand

In this presentation, Brandon Andrews, Editor-in-Chief of The Private Label Insider, shared his tips for researching, developing and launching your brand on Amazon, which, in many cases, apply to eBay as well. His catchall advice for getting traction? Find a product that’s in demand, then figure out a way to make your listings stand out from the crowd.

  • When researching products, focus on items in high demand that will have a high search volume. Places like ASD are a great way to figure out what kind of products are out there.
  • Be creative with your product photography. On Amazon, the listing’s cover photo must be the product on a white background, but beyond that, you can use the remaining images to show the product in use, accessorize and convince the potential buyer that your item is better than the rest.
  • A consistent conversion rate is key to staying on the first page of item search results. One of the best ways to maintain this rate is gaining social proof in the form of product reviews, so solicit for feedback after purchases to encourage customers’ thoughts and build trust among potential buyers.


From the BULQ Team

ASD 2019  Will and Ben ASD

Have a Game Plan

“ASD is hosted in the Las Vegas Convention Center, covering 3.2 million sq. ft of space and over 43,000 attendees. At ASD you can source literally anything you can imagine, but that doesn’t mean you need to see it all. Prepare before the show by downloading the ASD app and planning out which vendors you want to meet with and which learning sessions you should attend. Once you’ve checked those tasks off your to-do list, then give yourself time to explore.”

  • Colleen Falvey, Community Manager, BULQ

Keep Your Hands Clean

“There’s a whole lot of hand shaking that goes on, from booth visits to sessions and networking events, so bring a travel sized hand sanitizer to keep your hands germ-free!”

  • Karen McElaney, Senior Director, BULQ Enterprise Global

Build in Buffer Time

“This conference is a great opportunity to network with both vendors and other sellers, which can lead to lengthy, but important, conversations. Rather than pack your schedule with back-to-back booth visits and sessions, give yourself a little wiggle room to chat with other attendees or talk with speakers after their sessions. It’s a great time to drill down into the needs of your business and make connections!”

  • Courtney Herb, Digital Brand Manager, BULQ

Stay Hydrated

“At the end of the day, you’re in a desert and it’s a long week of walking. Drink plenty of water to ensure you can last the whole week and get the most out of it. Pro tip- there are water coolers near most of the meeting rooms, so bring a reusable water bottle to fill up as you’re walking between halls.”

  • Ben Wormser, Digital Marketing Specialist, BULQ


Attendees- do you have any tips from the 2019 spring show? If so, share in the comments below! 

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