5 Amazon Seller Forums on Facebook to Join Right Now

Getting started in the reseller industry can be intimidating. There are a lot of things you have to learn, such as the best places to arbitrage, the most cost-effective shipping methods, and the specific rules on different selling platforms like Amazon and eBay. Additionally, as seasoned resellers will tell you, it’s a long road to finding a system that works for you. The industry is also competitive—it’s in a reseller’s best interest to keep the top arbitrage locations secret. Many also try to sell products in a niche market where pricing is less competitive. As a result of all of this, the nature of the industry might feel isolating—but it doesn’t have to be. There are a number of Amazon seller forums available for resellers looking for insight, guidance and support. Some groups are organized by locale, while others are organized by primary selling outlet (eBay vs. Amazon).

Below, we’ve highlighted some of the top Facebook groups for resellers who use Amazon FBA:

Amazon FBA Rockstars
Join if…you are just starting out.
Amazon FBA Rockstars has grown into being one of the more popular Amazon seller forums online. The group was created by e-commerce coach and reseller Charles “Chaz” Leslie. It’s a forum for resellers committed to hard work and positivity. Members are encouraged to regularly share their successes, ask questions, and share advice. Chaz also regularly hosts Google Hangouts, and shares instructional videos from his YouTube channel in the group.

Online Selling Experiment
Join if…you’re interested in experimenting with Amazon and eBay.
“The goal is to become stronger, make more money, and work together like one big happy family.” This is from the group’s creator, Ryan Grant, who became a full-time online seller in 2013. He shares his experiences on his blog and also offers coaching services. Many of the group members have used Ryan’s coaching services, and will often share their successes on the discussion board. It’s also a forum for asking questions and sharing experiences. This group has advice for both Amazon and eBay sellers.

Amazon FBA Competitive Edge
Join if…you use Jungle Scout.
Jungle Scout creator Greg Mercer created the Competitive Edge Facebook group. It’s one of the better Amazon seller forums for asking questions, soliciting input from others, and sharing positivity and advice. Many group members are Jungle Scout users, so it’s a great forum for finding people whose selling processes might be similar to yours, and for any questions you have about Jungle Scout.

FBA Masters
Join if…you’re looking for a wealth of knowledge.
This group is designed for long-time sellers, first-time sellers, or folks with just a few questions, says creator Chris Wilkey. He and his co-administrators Mike and John are the “FBA Masters,” whose website has a vast amount of information about the Amazon selling process. The group also hosts semi-regular events. They are welcoming to resellers at any stage and are highly communicative.

The Amazing Seller
Join if…you are a seasoned reseller.
Scott Voelker created this group just a few years ago and it already has over 25,000 members. This is a seller discussion group linked loosely to Scott’s Amazing Seller Podcast, which has a wealth of helpful information and insight. The group is large and active, so it’s a great resource for finding answers to tough questions, but make sure to use the search function so you don’t repeat a question that has already been answered. There are many seasoned resellers involved in this group, so new sellers might feel more comfortable turning to Scott’s podcast for basic information before digging into the discussion.

Curator’s Note
While this list is by no means exhaustive, we worked to find a variety of Amazon seller forums on Facebook that were active and accessible. For each, members must ask permission to join. The administrators are very open to accepting requests, but it’s important to keep a few standard rules in mind when electing to participate. First, questions help everyone, but there is such thing as an “easy” question—something that could be discovered through a quick Google search, and should be avoided. Second, the purpose of these groups is to build and maintain a supportive community, so self-promotion is not desirable. Finally, respect between group members is key.


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    We’ve been trying to use social media to build up our FBA business as well. A few more groups people might want to consider.

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