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6 Stay at Home Job Ideas

Looking for an extra source of income? A quick search can turn up hundreds of options promising to make money fast. However, what about side hustles for those who’d like to work from the comfort of home?

No matter where you live, the internet has created a variety of stay-at-home jobs for people of all ages and skillsets. You just need to know where to find them.

From making a few bucks to creating a new career, here are a few stay at home jobs that can really pay off.

Test Websites and Mobile Apps 

Behind every great website are testers who give feedback on its design. UserTesting pays participants to visit websites or apps and complete a set of tasks while speaking feedback out loud. Testers receive $10 per every 20 minute testing video completed, up to $60. Who knows– you may even get a sneak peak at up-and-coming changes for big brands!

Sell Items Online

Maybe we’re biased, but selling items online through marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Mercari is an easily customizable way to make money from home. Some sellers only dedicate a few hours a week, while others take on selling as a full-time job.

Many online sellers start by flipping items they already own, such as clothes or other household items. Those looking to grow their businesses may turn to online retailers, thrift stores, or online wholesalers, like BULQ, to provide larger, more consistent quantities of inventory.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out BULQ’s free “Getting Started” Guide to Reselling for all the steps you need to succeed.

Sell Handmade Items on Etsy

Slightly different than the above, Etsy provides a place for creators of handmade items to sell their products on a global scale. If you’re the crafty type or have a hobby that involves creating goods, consider turning that skill into cash!

For those who want to keep things completely virtual, you can create and sell designs for invitations, stationery, wall decor or other print items to deliver to customers electronically.

Become a Freelancer

Is writing something like this blog post right up your alley? Have a graphic design or project management skills? Upwork connects companies with qualified freelancers for a variety of short and long-term projects. You set your payment method, interview for projects, and determine a schedule with your hiring company. Those who develop a good relationship with hiring companies may even get staffed on ongoing projects, depending on demand and the skills required.

Teach A Language

If you’re fluent in a language, consider teaching it virtually. You can even teach English to students in other countries through websites like VIPKid. Just keep in mind you’ll need to receive a Teaching English as a Foreign Language certification (TEFL) to become qualified before teaching.

Tutor via Video Chat 

Are you well-versed or passionate about a certain subject? Do you have years of experience in a particular industry? Online tutoring can be a great way to share that knowledge with students from the comfort of home. Again, be prepared to prove your qualifications in the subject you’d like to tutor in via education or experience.


Are there other stay at home jobs that you’ve had success with? Have you held a stay-at-home job in the past? Share your experiences below!

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