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How to Start Reselling From Home [FREE EBOOK]

Looking to make some extra income during the uncertainty of COVID-19? Online reselling could be a great way to start and scale a business without ever leaving home.

But, where to begin? That’s where we come in.

From the moment you take this entrepreneurial leap, our “Getting Started” Guide to Reselling is here to guide you through every step of how to start reselling from home. With easy-to-understand chapters and visuals, you’ll quickly learn topics such as:

  • Sourcing Inventory
  • How and Where to Sell
  • Startup Costs and Required Investments
  • Order Fulfillment and Customer Service
  • Need-to-Know Industry Terms

Don’t wait, access your copy of BULQ‘s “Getting Started” Guide to Reselling today.


Sourcing Pro Tips: Things to Know Before You Go

  • Start with What You Know If you’re already a savvy shopper, use those skills to find the best products for reselling. Begin with items you know so you can evaluate their potential value, especially if you have an idea of what people are willing to pay for unique products like vintage bags, video games, or kids toys.
  • Know the Competition
    As you begin product research, be sure to explore who else is reselling those items. If the market is already flooded with a particular product, you’ll likely have a harder time selling it. 
  • Don’t Limit Product Options
    Many beginner resellers often make one limiting mistake- they only source brand-new, sealed, in-box merchandise. Instead, take advantage of other item conditions such as “Like New” or “Uninspected Returns” to increase your sourcing options and potentially make a bigger profit.”

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