Spring Cleaning, Reselling Tips

Spring Reselling Tips, and More!

🌸Spring has sprung, which means out with the old and in with the new!🌸

Resellers know that getting over the holiday rush is like a breath of fresh air. Now it’s time to tidy up your inventory space, revamp your seasonal approach, tackle that infamous stockpile, and get out that spring cleaning checklist so you can boost sales this season. If you’re not sure where to begin, these BULQ pro spring reselling tips will help motivate you to start this season off strong.

Spring Cleaning Tips, Stay OrganizedTidy Up!

Cleaning up involves more than cleaning products, microfiber cloths, heavy-duty trash bags, sanitizing sprays, boxes, and trash bags. First, consider labeling all your items with sticky notes: List, Sell Local, and Donate. By using this tried-and-true organization method, you can easily figure out what stays and what goes.

Next, invest in clear reusable storage containers and shelving. These resources can help turn any stockpile into a reseller’s dream, making your inventory easily visible and accessible.

Platforms like eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, and Facebook Marketplace make it easy to organize and edit listings. When re-evaluating your listings, remember that it’s better to share too much information than not enough. Your descriptions should be transparent (i.e. size, fabric details, and any stains/snags) and include key search terms.

This can boost the confidence of prospective buyers and improve your listing’s page view ranking.

*BULQ Pro Tip: Reorganizing your reselling essentials will allow you to easily take inventory, improve listings, and create space for new merchandise.

Seasonal Sales

Spring Cleaning Organzing

If you just started reselling, or you’re a reselling pro and you’re wondering how to get inventory out the door and into buyers’ homes, consider holding a spring flash sale!

With about 60% of consumers primarily shopping online, potential buyers are on the hunt for seasonal discounts. If you’re low on-sale inventory, just take a look around your home. According to Forbes, the average household has roughly 36 unwanted items that could quickly sell on eBay, worth about $3,675.00. This means you have an opportunity to turn items into cash in no time!

Now that the sun is shining through, reselling doesn’t have to happen solely online. Take advantage of the spring weather and host a yard or garage sale. This is the perfect way to bring in fast cash and encourage new local customers to follow your online stores for more great deals in the future.

*BULQ Pro Tip: Taking advantage of easy ways to move last season’s inventory will enable resellers to increase their ROI and place new orders ahead of the next season.

Reselling Refresh

Spring Cleaning, Reselling tips Online Store, Online Sourcing

Spring cleaning isn’t just about sorting through seasonal inventory or clearing out your storage space – it’s the perfect time to give your business a much-needed refresh! A great place to start is revamping your online presence. This could mean changing your site’s banner and brightening up its colors, or using new poly mailers with an added spring note in them. Small changes like these can make a big impact on your customers.

Now is a great time to look at past customer feedback, too. Your buyers have good ideas and are attracted to your listings for a reason. Use the valuable testimonials and reviews you receive to help revamp your reselling approach. Your audience will not only take notice but will also appreciate that you valued their feedback and keep coming back for more!

*BULQ Pro Tip: Making improvements to your online presence and taking advantage of customer input can better prepare you for growth, success, and retention within your business.

Once you’ve refreshed your space, inventory, and online presence, your business will be ready to blossom this season. Plus, getting prepared now will help set the right tone for the remainder of the year!

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