Returns Season and Reselling in 2022

Despite the twists and turns of each passing year, the one constant resellers can rely on is this: returns. Returns fuel BULQ’s inventory selection, with top items from name brand retailers at wholesale prices. Whether you’re new to reselling or you want to know what’s on the horizon for resale, read on to learn all about returns season and reselling in 2022.

What Is ‘Returns Season’?

Returns season takes place each year from Thanksgiving through the end of January. During this period of time, shoppers make holiday gift purchases, and more importantly, recipients return the gifts that don’t work out. This annual trend means that open box and brand new items go back to retailers’ stores and warehouses. In fact, Optoro estimates that $120 billion of goods will be returned by the end of January 2022.

How Do Resellers Benefit?

Let’s start with the journey of a returned item. When a return is made in store, there’s no guarantee that the item will go directly back onto the retailer’s shelf. Oftentimes, if there aren’t multiples of that item left in the store, the return will get packaged and sent back to the retailers’ warehouse. This is also true for online returns made by mail. By the time the items make it to the warehouse (which can take weeks depending on the retailer’s supply chain), they’re often out-of-season or no longer being widely sold online/in store. So what do retailers do with these returns?

That’s where resellers and BULQ come in! BULQ partners with top retailers to reroute their returns to our warehouse in Lebanon, Tennessee. From there, we sort and package these returned goods into cases and pallets for microentrepreneurs to purchase for resale. During peak returns season, retailers are flooded with returns and the fastest way to move these items is through recommerce. More returns means more inventory you can sell (and more money in your pocket)!

What Tips Does BULQ Have?

To make the most of returns season and reselling in 2022, we first recommend downloading the BULQ mobile app. In the app, you can set up alerts for your preferred sourcing categories. So, when new lots are added, you can score them before anyone else. Next, we recommend that more experienced resellers leverage returns season to source a big haul for the next few months. This time of year typically offers a prime selection of inventory that you can continue to list from beyond the start of the year. Lastly, use this influx of returns as a way to expand your growing business. With more options available, you can try to sell from new categories we know our BULQ HULQs are up to the challenge.

No one knows how the world will look in 2022; however, we do know that resale is on the rise and returns season will be underway this January. If you have more questions about returns season and reselling in 2022, check out these additional resources:

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