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BULQs Product Enhancements | Meet Lukas

If you’ve ever wondered who helps make the magic happen when it comes to BULQs product enhancements and features, look no further. Meet Lukas, Senior Associate Product Manager on BULQ! With an advanced skill set and a steadfast commitment to improving the customer experience, he’s responsible for many of the features we love on the website and mobile app.

Let’s connect with Lukas and get to know him better!

Lukas BULQ Employee, Senior Associate Product Manager, BULQ enhancements and featuresAs a Senior Associate Product Manager, tell us more about your role, and how it directly impacts the BULQ community and BULQs product enhancements and features?

I work together with our software developers and visual designers to research new features and prioritize which features go into development. Then we test those features with community members (I may have met a few of you’ll before) and track their success and impact on the BULQ community.

I’ve spent my first few years with the BULQ team working directly on expanding the BULQ mobile app’s capabilities. Within the past year, I’ve worked closely on improving both the desktop and building out the mobile app experience. If you’ve ever submitted feedback to our team, on the app, or in the Google Play store about your experience, you can bet I’ve read it. I take that feedback and incorporate it into our plan for site and mobile device/app improvements.

What does it mean to run BULQ’s Product team, and what is your favorite part about being part of such a dynamic team?

Essentially, my job is to grease the wheels that keep BULQ moving. It’s my job to build a bridge that connects the Marketing and Customer Care teams with our Development team to ensure we’re creating the best possible experience for our BULQ customers. I help BULQ determine what projects to prioritize and organize multiple teams to find the best way to solve our customer’s problems. My favorite part of the job is 100% speaking to our BULQ buyers. I love testing new features in our community and receiving honest feedback to make the experience the best that it can be.

When there is a new feature added to the BULQ mobile app or website, what is the process and what does it entail?

Typically, we start with a problem that we want to solve. We may hear about this problem while reading a review on the app or Play store, from our customer care team, or from more holistic problems plaguing the reselling industry as a whole.

BULQ Mobille App

For larger projects, we usually start with a series of user interviews where we’ll talk to customers about the problem they’re experiencing or their suggested improvements to the BULQ experience. Next, we will take these interviews and turn them into statements that express an ideal experience for customers like you. We meet with team members from Marketing, Customer Care, Design, and Software Engineering to determine the best possible solution and start prototyping out that experience.

Once we have a prototype that’s been approved by all of our different stakeholders at BULQ, we’ll begin testing out that experience with members of the BULQ community. We’ll make adjustments based on that feedback. Then the feature goes into development, which can take a number of weeks depending on its size. Once the feature is built and tested by our team, we’ll release the new feature to the public. Our last step is to track its success to ensure that it’s meeting our BULQ customers’ needs.

What are your favorite features of the BULQ mobile app and BULQ website? And why should users use one over the other?

Mobile Application: My favorite feature on the BULQ mobile app is the “My Lots” and push notifications features. I love that we have a way for customers to truly customize the BULQ experience to fit their reselling business’ needs, and the inventory types and conditions they like to source. I also love that when lots have listed that match my preferences, they’re immediately added to My Lots and I get a push notification telling me to check out what’s new. I find that this helps customers quickly and easily find the best inventory for their business.

Desktop: On the desktop, my top feature is definitely the Newly Added tab. Quickly and easily finding the newest inventory can give you a competitive advantage that will result in more profit for your business. This feature becomes even more powerful when you set up notification alerts for new inventory listings that match your preferences!

If you could wave a magic wand and create one unique BULQ feature, what would it be?

This is a great question and one that I ask myself every day in my role at BULQ. My wish is less of a feature and more of a new way to source. I’d love to be able to expand the BULQ app and operating system to not only include iPhones and Android devices but also optimize the app for use on iPads and Android Tablets. A dedicated tablet app would make it even easier for users to source inventory wherever they are. It would also provide customers with features and benefits that leverage the larger screen of a tablet-like a profit calculator.


And there you have it! Lukas is a valued member of our team, and many of the features and updates we see every day wouldn’t be possible without his tenacity. If you have any questions you’d like to ask Lukas, regarding native apps, mobile web apps, the app store, mobile app developments, or features you’d like to suggest, leave them in the BULQ blog comment section below!

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