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Say hello to the incredible members of the BULQ Team in our Employee Spotlight series! These posts showcase the real people behind our business who work to make sure you can grow your own business. Our team does it all – from website improvements to mobile app updates and customer questions to claims. Read on to learn about each person’s skills and experience. Plus, find out what we love about our BULQ community of resellers!

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BULQs Product Enhancements | Meet Lukas

Employee Spotlight, BULQ team

If you’ve ever wondered who helps make the magic happen when it comes to BULQs product enhancements and features, look no further. Meet Lukas, Senior Associate Product Manager on BULQ! With an advanced skill set and a steadfast commitment to improving the customer experience, he’s responsible for many of the features we love on the website and mobile app. Let’s connect with Lukas and get to know him better! As a Senior Associate Product Manager, tell us more about your […]

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